Whip my Hair. Instant classic tune.


This song will be remembered alongside the all-time greats. No doubt.

It’s indisputable now. Talent is what sells great music. And this is talent.

Hey, when an artist as respected and as well-established as Neil Young chooses to do a cover of your song I figure you’re doing something right.


Neil w/ a special guest.

I Wish My Dad Was Will Smith


Watch the original, then this. This makes the whole thing worthwhile.

I’ve always had a hard time seeing a family resemblance even between members of my own family. With that said, I can tell that Jaden and Willow are Will Smith’s kids. The ears are Exhibit #1.

As for actual talent? Only time will tell that. Music videos are such controlled presentations. A better barometer is how Willow does in live appearances on talk shows and such. She grew up in “the dynasty” and so this is not unfamiliar territory to her, presumably. At the age of 10, though, you wouldn’t expect a high level of sophistication to originate with the girl herself. Which brings us back around to that “time will tell” mantra.

As for Jaden, I felt the Karate Kid remake was decent enough to stand on its own. Sure, we knew we were going down a path that would take us from significant plot point to significant plot point with little wiggle room, but I thought the story was entertaining enough, even with (especially because of?) its own deviations from the original. Also, throw your stones if you must, but I thought Jaden did well in his role. Will himself never took on the strongest of roles (more stones may be headed my way), so it’s not like Jaden has to reach the level of a Brando or a Nicholson. At the risk of repeating myself, time will tell.

So, long story short (too late!), I’ll be keeping an eye out for these two, and how they develop. Tomorrow’s talent has to come from somewhere, and it’s not unheard of for there to be 2 or even 3 generations of actors/entertainers springing from a single family.

I’m still trying to figure out how the incredible voguer Leiomy Mizrahi wound up in a Willow Smith video.

That little girl has a lot of talent. It may not be deep meaningful lyrics but she is the star of that show and she shines with the light of two dozen Hannah Montanas. All my little girls’ friends love her already.

I kinda like the Fallon/Springsteen cover. I mean its funny, but I just like it as music too.