Jaden/Willow Smith interview. So much stupid "win"


I hate tl;dr OPs, but seriously, read it, or at least skim for choice bits. Poe’s law is very much in effect. Rich, possibly Scientologist kids expound on philosophy.

Willow went to school for one whole year so she knows more that you! School is not authentic because it ends!

They’re just kids.

I’m not getting the problem. Brilliant kids, raised well, sharing their thoughts. It’s clear that their parents have managed to instill in them the need to be doing something, which is a very difficult thing in wealthy families.

I’d love to spend an afternoon with these two.

I didn’t get “brilliant kids” at all. I got “self-absorbed preachy kids who think they’re way smarter than they are.”

Hopefully, by the time they’re adults, they’ll realize they live in the real world. And if they don’t, at least they’re rich, so they’ll be able to live in a bubble their whole life if they so choose.

Really, I just wanted to punch them both. And their parents, who let the whole thing happen.

When I was that age, I had fantastic ideas and theories, as well. Fortunately, nobody gave me a platform to share them…

Does brilliant now mean self absorbed and pseudo intellectual? If so I missed the memo.

Sounds like it means 'Person whom I’d least like to be seated next to at a dinner party." I think Lena Dunham was last week’s brilliant person.

Favorite bits.

ETA: I get that teens and young people are self-absorbed. It’s just the sheer arrogance that’s nauseating. Really? There’s no other books or music you like other than your own? There’s nothing wrong with creating, but the attitude that there’s worth their time is frustrating. And that their parents think it’s cute or even commendable.

I’m galled by the oft repeated ‘making a name for themselves’.

Wha? How are they doing anything other than trading on their family name and connections? Am I supposed to believe that they screened any other actors for the movie roles they received? Or that the girl was scouted for her amazing musical talent?

But hey, Miley’s making a success of it, they must want the same for their daughter, after all starting them so early always goes well, right?

In other threads I have stated what annoys me about Lena Dunham. But when I heard her on Marc Maron’s podcast she was sweet and funny and charming. It depends on which Lena you get.

Ah, fair enough. After seeing way too many My sister, her vagina" articles, my conclusion was “Tiresome.”

I enjoyed that. :smiley: Funny stuff.

I had no idea the Smiths were Scientologists. What’s up with all the celebrity Scientologists?

Anyway, I know I was a self-absorbed, know-it-all dumbass at that age with similarly huge, ridiculous ideas. I’m so pleased that I wasn’t famous enough to have them recorded in a big national magazine to embarrass me for the rest of my life.

Believe me I get that. With her there is way too much (metaphorical) standing on the Brooklyn Bridge topless waving a red flag then complaining “Why are people looking at me?”

He denies being a Scientologist but has shown admiration for some of their ideas.

He doesn’t want to shut the door on the possibility of starring in the next movie.

I have seen an actor/Scientologist on *Inside the Actors Studio *discussing the similarities between some of the Scientologist’s clearing exercises and acting class exercises. It may be that some of that Scientology stuff has benefits for actors.

Plus Scientology involves paying a lot of money to the ‘church’ for various crap. And celebs have deep pockets.

I hope these kids don’t have a hard landing in life. Due to their parents things are easy for them. They get to be in big movies and make successful music but don’t some kids who peak early or never escape their parents shadow end up self destructing?

Peaking early and then failing, like the noted musician, Fresh Prince, who nearly went broke in his early 20’s?

I think they’ll do all right. Maybe crazy, but a good kind of crazy.

I thank Og daily that there were no iPhones when I was a kid, or even in college. My vagina would be all over the internet.