whistlepig why won't you bang a fat midget?


In the above thread, whistlepig dances around the subject of not being attracted to fat midget porn stars. He didn’t come right out and say it but it’s pretty obvious from the context that the “reason” he is alluding to is her fat midgetness. Others have speculated that she may also be an albino but that’s a whole other thread. If we have learned anything on this board it’s that being fat is a choice. Being tall, however, when you’re a midget, is a much more difficult choice. And while I may have been the one to use the term “midget,” don’t you think it would be a little more appropriate to use the term “little people” when you’re not referring to midgets? You thought you could avoid a pitting by not coming right and saying that you’re not attracted to a fat midget and possibly albino porn star but us dopers can spot a racist whistlepig from a mile away. And how can you be racist anyway, aren’t you black?

This was actually the proposed title of a hit song by T. Rex until Marc Bolan changed it to “Ride a White Swan”.

You started it!

Damn, I always thought MPSIMS denizens were happy writting Harry Potter slash-fiction and starting ‘What if Hitler wrote The Lord of the Rings?’ threads.

The originating thread, linked to in the OP, is just plain disturbing.

As a fat albino midget fan of several years standing (well bending mostly), I take grave exception to your remarks, whistlepig. Who are you to attack the little (and thanks to you, belittled) people. You sir are an offence to those who aren’t big, eat like a pig, and wear a wig.

Now go away or I shall toss you a second time!

KidCharlemagne, this thread is stupid and offensive.

whistlepig started a thread and expressly avoided mentioning the reason he wasn’t interested in dating her. The posters in the thread, including you had some fun imagining goofy things that the reason might be, but didn’t press him on the issue. And he’s entitled to his privacy about what to reveal on a public message board.

You suggesed suggesting that the “reason” was that she was a midget. Not getting enough jollies in the original thread from having suggested, you start this pit thread making an accusation with no basis other than your own suggestion.

Frankly, I don’t care what whistlepig’s reason was. Indeed, I don’t want to know. He has no cause to post anything about his dating or sexual likes or dislikes, and I hope he doesn’t/

But your trying to force him to reveal something personal by this pit thread is plainly offensive.

No. No. No. You are describing Cafe Society. MPISMS is for ‘The 12 cutest things my cat did this morning’ and ‘flirt thread!’ for people you don’t know the age, sex, or orientation of. Despite the innocuous forum description, it is easily the most disturbing forum.

Billdo, I don’t think KidCharlemagne is genuinely trying to elicit any information from whistlepig. It’s obviously completely in jest and, while it could be deemed offensive from another stand point, I think you’re being too literal.

It’s also fairly obvious from one of whistlepig’s posts in the linked thread what the (reason) is. If I’ve stepped on your toes, KC, I apologise.

You know, this serves as an example of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The PC motivations for keeping people from being potentially offended when reading how somebody is called (reason) has led to self-imposed censorship on the part of whistlepig. The ultra right-wing (reason)cats of censorship must be cackling with glee to see how the left is carrying out their goals for them. Who are the real (reason)heads here? It’s getting to where nobody can just sit around and chew the (reason) without somebody getting all high and mighty and imposing the morals on them for (reason)uous reasons.

You are clearly where you’re location indicates. By all means, be offended, just don’t get whooshed.

Get your head out of that title abstract Billdo and feel the whoosh rushing past your ears! Then go get a copy of “Geek Love” for some hot and heavy albino, midget action.

Maybe because of the whooshing sounds it makes? Any fat midget banger who can confirm this?

lifts flipper

Yep, nothing like starting a Pit thread for the sake of starting a Pit thread.

We’ll never know the (reason) will we?


How do you know it’s that stuff he has a problem with, and not her flipper hands?

Speaking as a fat, midget, albino porn star…

Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Still waiting for Whistlepig to check in.

Put the dolphin down!