White America Has Lost Its Mind

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I thought this a great Op-Ed, seeing that some of you white people have no problem using the word, nigger, with impunity…even justifying it if nowhere else but within the confines of your own recalcitrant and disturbed minds. Proof positive that the aforementioned article is about none other than “you”. -poet.

Edited to original “thought”.

I’m White. My mind is just fine.

How would you know?

Wasn’t the OP warned about posting articles in full recently?

A pit that is almost [del]a year[/del] 2 years late…

Whatever problems John Mace has with the government of the United States, the “direction” of the United States, or the population of the United States, they have nothing to do with race.

To assert otherwise simply displays your ignorance.

The article has a snappy beat. You can sorta dance to it, but it goes on a few minutes too long. Overall I give it a B.

Not to mention that an OpEd from September 29, 2010 that posits that Paladino still had a chance to be elected Governor of New York is hardly even worth reading…

Starting a discussion about a monolithic ‘white america’ is just as wrong-headed as generalizations about ‘all Mexicans/Blacks/Jews/whomever’, n’est ce pas?

Poet, if you ever group me with Laura Schlessinger again, there will be trouble:rolleyes:…

Yes. I already reported this. Better get your jabs before the thread is closed and the OP is banned.

I can vouch for him, though his politics could use a bit of work.

Here’s the thing. It isn’t racial at it’s core, although I’m sure there’s a fairly macro contributing factor of bigotry. What’s going is in Republican fear and sound byte based politics are reaching their logical conclusion.

However people do become resistant and adapt, people can adapt even to coral snake venom, which is almost as poisonous as Republicans have been. I live in the hicks where there’s more than a wee bit of Conservatives, yet I see Obama 08 bumper stickers still.

A fellow in the next town over has a huge sign out in his yard “Not rich enough for a tax cut, but poor enough for a wage cut” out in his yard. Even just that one guy now but more will follow. As people see how disastrous this insanity is, enlightened self interest will help them find their shit.

As I work to get in a place in life where I can contribute when they do.

also ^^

Poet seems to have simply lost his shit, and he can’t regain it. Now he’s spewing racist nonsense about “white America”.

Fo shizzle.

The Village Fucking Voice… Christ.

So I guess the darkies drugged us white folk so we would vote for Obama and now that he’s president we shouldn’t criticize him anymore.

Got it.

Well, to bend over backwards to see his point of view for a moment, he does appear to be going head-to-head with… New Deal Democrat. I think if I were to read those two for more than a few minutes I’d end up wanting to throw the entire fucking human race into a gulag. Of course one shouldn’t generalise about a large group of people based on the behaviour of their most obnoxious 1%, but boorish group-hate just tends to beget more of the same. So I’m cutting him a little slack.

Certainly…and Mr Feather is undoubtedly a key example of this…


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I feel much saner now.