White board software that can be shared

Any suggestions on ‘White Board’ software. Something that you can make a quick diagram? Simple arrows and circles and text would be a good start.

Free is best of course.


If this is for use on Windows 10 or 11, try the Snip and Sketch tool.

It is either preloaded or a free download.

I also slid this over to IMHO as it is looking for Opinions.

yEd is free.

For sharing, their web site claims you can create the diagrams and share them online, though I have not tested the sharing myself.

Thanks. Win10. I use snip a lot. I guess I should upgrade that to snip and sketch. Trying to draw a straight line or circle in snip is impossible in snip.

You could also make a presentation in Google Docs.

Thanks all. I’ll look into it.

Since COVID, we are working from home. Now I know that Zoom has a White Board now, but I sometimes just need to make a quick diagram showing just one person why something can’t work.

A view that uses a table to create the table that the view uses to create the table. Ummmmm no. Crazy circular logic there. I surprised it even runs. I can barely wrap my head around it.

If windows 10/11, Microsoft Whiteboard is a free included app. And can online share…

Thanks, I’ll look at that too.

You can still use Zoom for this. Just launch a meeting and share the Whiteboard. You don’t have to have others in a Zoom meeting to use it’s tools (I use it to record things).

Huh. Interesting idea.

I even use it as my “mirror” to see how my messy hair will look before a meeting. Do I really need to go comb it or will the cowlicks be hidden by the blur background? :nerd_face:

Yeah, I just fire up my Win camera to make sure the camera is pointing at me and everything is working.

I want the Zoom blurred background to show me how I will really look. Just the Windows apps will show me all my messy hair :slight_smile: