White Collar 11/20

What was the inscription on the back of the other painting?

It started “Dear Walter,” but I didn’t catch the rest of it. I assume it was something to embarrass the curator and make it impossible for him to reveal that he had a forgery.

It said something like

“I know what you saw here the last time you looked.” (totally paraphrased). Basically, letting the curator know that somebody else knows he never had any moral right to the painting, so he’d better keep his big fat mouth shut about it.

I thought it was a clever reveal, because I remember thinking, Okay, he copied the picture, but how is he going to copy that handwriting and make it look authentic?

Thanks, Tim. Your paraphrase is good enough. Makes total sense.

You’re welcome. By the by, they’ll be playing it about a thousand times over the next week, so you can still see any details you want!..TRM

Any thoughts about tonight’s episode with the Asian Gangster?

The asian actresses playing the Interpol agent is so familar. But, I can’t place her.

I’ve only seen a couple episodes. It’s not bad. Not great either. I liked 48 Hours with Eddie Murphy better.

Asian? You mean Chinese? It took place in Chinatown, after all, not Asiatown.

Decent episode. But it falls back on the old “turf war” motif which I never understood. How many government employees do YOU know that would be upset if another government agency tried to do some of their work for them? They’d be all “See ya!” and out to lunch before you could say “not my job, man!”

Overall, I’m sticking with the show, hoping that it develops more depth. So far, it’s pretty lightweight, but still enjoyable in a superficial sort of way.

What did you all think of the finale? I definitely did not see the cliff hanger coming, and am extremely interested in how they’re going to resolve it. The good news is that I just saw promos for new episodes that are starting back up on January 19th @ 10pm. This is a Wednesday, the show will be airing on this day of the week from now on, instead of Fridays.