White guilt on the SDMB - PC explosion reigns supreme

The OP has been bitched slapped properly, so I’m not going to add my own.

But I will say this: I am sick of people assuming the ethnicity/race of a poster based on absolutely NO EVIDENCE. I shouldn’t have to always put a disclaimer in a post that I’m a black woman.

(This happens a lot IRL. The other day I was in a tour group at a botanical garden down in South Florida, and the tour guide made a remark about how Miami looked before “we” Europeans arrived. Who did he mean? White folk? Since there were quite a few non-white people–and AFAIK, no Europeans–in the group, he should have been a little more inclusive with his phrasing.)

Also, the term “white guilt” is played out, just like “PC”. I know it exists (white folks feeling guilty about racism), but when it’s used as an insult or to disparage someone’s remarks, it makes me think of “nigger lover”.

I think a signature change is in order.

Count me in among those who think that the OP is more than a little fucking stupid. On the other hand, it’s kinda interesting to contrast that to this thread regarding whether men like kissing women who wear lipstick. Nobody’s posted a disclaimer that there is no male hive mind, at least not in the first 12 or so replies.

Now, I’m curious about something, Freejooky: Why did you start this thread about somebody else’s question about black people in general, and not your own?

There was maybe one seriously PC reply (and it was weird so I am not sure what he was getting at, even after he explained) in the 1st half of the page. One. Maybe. :rolleyes:

Dude- get a life. Maybe you can bid on one on eBay! :wally

Ok, I admit I just did this to distract the pit from some of these ridiculous fucking election threads! :wink:

There’s a name for that sort of behavior, i believe.

This white boy is rather fetching with his head shaved, thank you very much…

You know you’re never going to get away with a claim like that without providing a cite, don’t you?

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IIRC, that’s an episode from season 1 where Dave constructs a flattering movie about himself.

He’s mocking the rap-battle scene in 8 mile - the lyrics “lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it”; his is “spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti - EIGHT MILE!”

Sounds about the same, I think.
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I hope you’re not talking about mine. It was the only weird one that was badly explained later, but there was no way you could describe what I said as PC.

Yeah, it’s called “changing the subject”. What you surely did mean to not accuse him of is something different: deliberately trying to get a rise out of people. Just because you rise to the occasion unilaterally does not mean that the OP was attempting to make you rise.

Liberal: What you surely did mean to not accuse him of is something different: deliberately trying to get a rise out of people.

Lib, if somebody pretends to be upset and outraged about something that doesn’t really bother them, as Freejooky has now admitted he was doing, how is that not “deliberately trying to get a rise out of people”?

ISTM that the motive for the pretending—to distract people from another topic, to make oneself look important, to win a bet, for shits’n’giggles, whatever—is irrelevant. Starting a fake-outrage OP about something that doesn’t actually bother you, for whatever reason, is “deliberately trying to get a rise out of people”. Which, around here, is not considered nice.

No, that’s exactly what he did. As Kimstu pointed out, whether he did it to distract from other threads, or just to satisfy his own masturbatory urges, is largely beside the point. At the very least, he admits to starting a thread for the mere reason of distraction.

I don’t know whether your use of the term “unilaterally” was intended to refer to me alone, or to me and others on my “side” (whatever side that might be), but if the former, then it’s clear that you are incorrect, as many others have pointed out the stupidity of the OP, and thus have “risen” to it. And if the latter, if the “you” was a broader, more generic “you,” then i truly don’t know what the hell you are talking about. When just about everyone in a thread believes that the OP is talking out his ass, and the OP then comes along and indicates that he had no legitimate reason for starting the thread, it seems clear to me that the thread was designed to get a rise out of people.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that his admission, accompanied as it was by a winking smiley, was in jest, and was merely the OP’s attempt to distract attention from the fact that he was getting his ass handed to him in this thread. In that case, his OP stands as written, and he is merely an idiot with no reading comprehension.

Now that was a stupid and obnoxious question that deserved any PC responses it got. At least the other thread was about a real social and political phenomenon, and not some random rap group.

Oops. I meant to put quotes around “PC”. Now no one will know the disdain I have for the term :frowning: .

I can’t be everywhere.

And which, around here, it is forbidden to note publicly — which was the point.

[Obligatory statement about the OP been stupid]

Oh boy! You are another victim of my Free Gender Reassignments. I always thought you were a man.

I disagree with you that anyone has to know, or imagine one’s ethnicity in this board… It does nothing to prove or invalidate one’s argument in any way. IMHO that is a non-issue.

But if you must know, I am a mongrel. :wink:

Nice backtrack.

That was only part of the point you were making. You explicitly said that the OP was not trying to get a rise out of people, and suggested that the rise he did get was not part of his intention.

In case you’re too lazy to scroll up to remind yourself of what you said, here it is again:

I seriously wonder sometimes whether two different people have access to your SDMB account. It’s the only way i can explain the frequency with which you make an assertion, and then return later to claim that you had actually said something quite different.

You need a hobby, my dear.

You would be surprised to learn that a person can actually make two points in one post. (Pausing to allow you to assimilate information…) Note that the point Kimstu selected to comment on was but one of them.