White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans

Until this morning, I wasn’t even aware of this EO, and certainly knew nothing about what it contained. My education began when I saw a FB post that informed me that the end result will be different criteria for the expulsion of black and white students.

Hm. Surely, an Executive Order wouldn’t spell out anything of the sort in black and white (heh) would it?

So I Googled a bit, and found several references to a prediction made by one guy, which is this:

Well, great, that’s your prediction buddy. What is it based on? To the actual text of the order I go. The only portion that could even be possibly construed in that manner is one portion of a rather long sentence:

The breathless summary of this in the ohmygodosphere is that schools will have to punish a white kid for every black kid, or even punish a white kid before you punish a minority.

Well, that’s taking it a bit far, right? Even f (and I mean IF) fewer black kids get punished, deservedly or not, it makes no sense that educators will increase punishments for white kids in order to keep up.

You can oppose the order on whatever grounds you want…say it’s unnecessary, say it’s not the right vehicle for improving education, etc. But this objection to it strikes me as nothing but flat-out racism.

All of this assumes that the federal executive has some sort of authority over disciplinary action at public schools, which it doesn’t.

There’s a Commission, you see…