Obama administration undermines classroom order in pursuit of phantom racism.

Do unequal number of suspensions by race = racial discrimination? Seems Arne Duncan & co are making some flawed assumptions and unfairly maligning teachers.

Connect the dots for me here. What does this have to do with the topic of elections?

Forget it, Onomatopoeia. It’s Chen019-atown.

Speaking of which, does the OP actually want to make an argument or is he just here to post large swaths of copyrighted material plus a link?

Not to mention the fact that disparate impacts have a long history of being actionable.

Board’s most tireless promoter of racialism claims racialism is largely nonexistent. In other news, NAMBLA claims that pedophilia is just a figment of people’s imagination.

This might not be the correct forum, but this idea from Obama is textbook leftist well-intentioned pablum that will hurt things, not help. It tries to imply things will be fixed because we’ll have equal outcomes. This might be the single dumbest thing Obama has promoted. Seriously.

Starts with a suspicion something may be amiss racially in South Carolina, and dismantles this possiblity with some anecdotal evidence from a teacher in
St. Paul, Minnesota?

This is driven by Obama’s administration? Enlighten me on how the administration drives the DOE in this type of case?

Obama issued an ExecutiveOrder.

I also think this looks fishy, in reality there is no evidence presented in the article that the DOE did not check before hand if those districts are doing something else besides just plain discipline, unless the district in St. Paul is also being investigated this looks like a regular hit piece from this magazine of the Manhattan Institute.

I, for one, think it’s deplorable that Obama’s administration is stopping those good Christian folk in South Carolina from teaching the darkies their place in society. How in the world are those poor niggers gonna function in society without they get taught to respect their proper role? We should bring back voter tests too, after all white people had to take them too so how could that possibly be racist?

Phantom racism, is that like when ghosts only haunt white people? Yeah I hate that too

Is he talking about Mississippi?


And the OP shows why disparate impact jurisprudence is ridiculously wrong. If you have a racially neutral policy that just happens to affect minority groups more then that’s just tough shit.

If black kids in a school district break the rules at a higher rate that other students, then black kids should have punishments at a higher rate than other students. Unless it can be shown that the rules target black students, then all is fair.

Should we reform the criminal justice system so that the same percentages of each race are imprisoned?

If they have the same crime rate too, yes. Even if not, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed in some form - if not legally, then socially.

If any elementary school kids are getting suspended in a regular basis, there is a huge problem regardless of the racial issues.

I’d have to say that I’d need to look at the order closely to say if it’s the best option, but the disparity is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed.

The quote in the OP says the Dept of Education has launched investigations, yet the thread title implies conclusions have already been reached. Chen019, is this a fair conclusion to draw from the link? I’ve only quickly scanned it as I’ve got to go to bed and can’t read the article now. I want to return to this tomorrow but thought I’d throw the question out there.