White House likley altered video of Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta recently had his press badge revoked after an incident with a intern. Frame by frame analysis shows that the WH version is sped up to make Acosta’s actions look more aggressive than they actually were.


Altering media to fit a narrative, revoking press credentials of critics, and using the power of the state to attempt to swing an election in your favor: all things that happened this week in the United States of America. Not Russia, not the DPRK, not Turkey, but here.
(may have also happened in those places)

To be fair, the White House didn’t alter it, some rando at InfoWars did. Sarah Sanders simply tweeted it out via the official press secretary account without questioning it.

Somehow I feel like that’s worse than if the WH actually did it.

It is funny how Trump loses his shit when not surrounded by yes men. The democrats should seriously pass a law restricting any President’s right to ban the press, it is a flagrant abuse of power.

Tis small beer compared to the fact that we now have an illegally installed Attorney General. This Keystone Cops administration seems to outdo its own incompetence daily.

Is there a list somewhere of altered and intentionally misleading media that’s been released by this administration? The Sarah Slanders video is hardly the first.

That kind of crap is going to be everywhere shortly.

How so?

Today’s NYT’s OP ED

Coauthored by Kellyanne Conway’s husband. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Procrustus. I thought the candidate had to be confirmed within 120 days.

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Are you guys trying out for the U.S. Olympic Hijack team? Most impressive.

This isn’t about Sessions or Whitaker. Take that discussion to a different thread.


You are being less than scrupulous with your thread title and your post. As has been established in almost every story on this I was reading yesterday, the video was doctored by some right wing conspiracy site (exactly which one was still up for debate when I went to sleep). Sanders simply re-tweeted it as evidence to support the action taken against Acosta. Making an assertion that the White House itself did the alteration is defamation of character, under the circumstances. :dubious:

Wrong. The White House used a poorly sourced video to defame a respected journalist. It’s completely irresponsible for the White House to take random internet trash and present it as definitive. Unacceptable, in fact. Sanders should resign immediately.

And now that this has been pointed out, Sanders will retract the tweet and offer a full clarification and apology to Acosta. I’m sure it’s coming any minute now.:rolleyes:

Acosta’s press pass wasn’t revoked based on the video. Trump and everyone else saw him behaving like an asshole first-hand. Can’t you grasp at a better straw than that?

And no, not behaving like an asshole to Trump. Behaving like an asshole to the woman he put his hands on, and the other reporters in the room. Most people learn to take turns in kindergarten. Apparently not at CNN.

Acosta needs to learn that he is not the most important person in the room, and people are not there to listen to him. He won’t, but he should.


He was called on and tried to ask a question while Trump insulted him. That’s all.

frankly, the intern was in the wrong for invading acosta’s space, then grabbing the mic which he was obviously not giving to her. don’t they teach people not to snatch things in kindergarten too?

That’s not all. Acosta was also assaulted by White House staff.