White House rebukes guests who flipped bird at Reagan portrait

That was pretty pathetic.


Meh. As long as they didn’t vandalize the place or smear poop around, I can’t really find the strength to rebuke them myself. Reagan gave them the bird for eight years.

“I don’t believe society can condone that lifestyle.” Yeah, having a gay pride reception at the White House is already a giant Fuck You to Ronald Reagan. Much more so than a rude gesture could ever be. And that’s okay. :slight_smile:

Obviously, President Obama doesn’t share your sentiments, or there would have been no such mention of the classless behavior.

Personally, I can’t find the “strength” to much care what you guys do in Vancouver, BC.

I don’t think that’s as obvious as you do.

Obviously he wants to be reelected though.

Actually, I noted that very thing in my first post, but edited it out before posting it. Giving the administration the benefit of the doubt.

Politicians, self serving? nahhhhhhhh

You want the truth? Quite frankly, I just wanted to post the article and was wrapping it in a pretty bow for this forum.

Just because you have the Right to Free Speech, doesnt mean you should use that Right for doing something stupid. They didnt help their “cause”. You dont have to respect the person, but respect the Office. This sort of behavior does far more harm then good. The PP is correct, it is an election year, and this behavior reflects negatively in re-election efforts.

The White House did the right thing. On numerous occasions, there have been examples of less then positive behavior, and the White House has said the right thing.

How many votes do you think hang in the balance regarding how Obama deals with the crucial, media consuming “some gay guys made a rude gesture at Reagan (a picture of Reagan, not the actual decesased President) while visiting the Whitehouse”-gate?

Could it swing the election? How will it play in the all-important swing-states? Could this be the end of the Obama Presidency?

Good for the White House. I rebuke those assholes too.

ehheh. And that, really, is the point.

The majority…I said majority…of American citizens (and voters) don’t approve of that sort of behavior.

I think I want to turn flipping Reagan the bird in the WH into the new planking/owling/tebowing/etc.-ing. I will call “Bonzoing”! :smiley:

This is just the break the Romney campaign was waiting for! OMG some people who don’t work for the president showed disrespect for Ronald Reagan! THE Ronald Reagan! Saint Ronald of Reagan! And Obama failed to grab the perpetrators and slice off their offending digits with a Ginzu knife! Oh, let all of us Democrats hang our heads in shame and flagellate our backs with barbed wire! Oh, I feel so terrible! Can this stain on the nation’s honor EVER be made to go away?

It’s just sort of like inviting Uncle Bubba to a family re-union, and regretting it when he shows up all drunk and stupid, showing his ignorance with rude and crude jokes.

Well, sure. Once he leaves the White House, he’s pretty much out of a job.

I don’t even think it’s worth rebuking. It’s just so…lame.

And what exactly will not rebuking them accomplish that rebuking them will not? When the costs are this low, there’s no excuse for not doing what’s right.

And you never know what “little incident” will become a big thing.