White lining bikers.

That is people in motorbikes (mostly scooters here) that drive down the central divider in two lane roads to avoid traffic.

Actually, I don’t mind them too too much if they are at least careful and considerate, and there is actual traffic congestion. That is, after all, one of the perks of driving a bike. The ability to avoid congestion. They pay enough for the privilege with the noise, the rain, the smoke and the inconsiderate drivers who don’t want to share the road.

What really gets on my nerves are the white liners who expect you to get out of their way. Listen pal, you are choosing to put yourself outside the law (which specifies that you are exactly the same as a car). Don’t expect others to be all considerate about you. I will avoid you, as I have no desire to go to prison to teach you a lesson, but I do not have to yield to you or make any effort to make your life easier.
Today, I am waiting for a notoriously short left turn light. I am second in line behind another car. There are about 12 cars waiting and the light normally lets through about 3-4 plus 1-2 people who run the red. This turd in a scooter cuts the entire line and stops next to the first car.

When the light changes, he just is not fast enough to get in front of the first car. I frankly don’t give a rat’s about him and just drive behind the other car. He gets all pissy and in the process of cursing at me, the car behind me gets blocks him. Sucks to be trying to outdo others in an underpowered scooter.

At the next intersection, he slows down next to me to give me the hairy eyeball before carrying on (to more white lining and running a stop sign). Boo-hoo. Go get under someone else’s wheels.
Hardly an earth shaking event, just the one for today from something that happens at least daily. Whatever makes them think it is ok to break the law that protects me but I need to be careful for them beyond the law?

Are you sure lane splitting is illegal in Puerto Rico? When I take a look at AMA’s site, the section on Puerto Rico doesn’t mention lane splitting. Admittedly, I’m not sure whether that means it’s allowed, or just wasn’t referenced properly on that site.

Kansas, for example, prohibits it, but neighboring state Missouri doesn’t mention it, so lane splitting happens there quite a lot during motorcycle season. (At least it does in the Kansas City area.)

All that said, lane splitting to cut in on a left-hand turn is just a bad decision if you ask me.

I really don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police didn’t know.

We are used to sharing the road with bicycles, horses, and all kinds of multiple etceteras. As I said, I don’t normally mind lane splitting, except when it comes in the form of cutting in line and self-righteous dicks (takes one to know one and all that, of course).

I read it as they are riding between lanes of opposing traffic: ‘drive down the central divider in two lane roads’.

I’m all for lane-splitting – riding between two lanes of cars going in the same direction. I’ve got over 100,000 miles of L.A. riding, and a whole lot of that was between lanes. But to ‘split lanes’ in opposing traffic? Negative.

There is plenty of that. On their defense (geez, what a bad pitter I make), It is normally with one side stopped and no opposing traffic (or at least very light). Stopped traffic in roads is very common as they go through towns, school zones and all that.

Most white liners are in scooters that are seriously underpowered (except for the stereos), so they really have no chance of white lining on moving traffic. If traffic is moving, they are more likely to be on the shoulder (if any) getting zoomed by unconsiderate motorists (taking revenge maybe?)

I can understand the desire to do that. Believe me. But I still wouldn’t ride between lanes even if the opposing traffic is stopped unless it’s some kind of dire emergency. Riding on the right shoulder? That’s more acceptable, but it’s illegal in California (and here) so I haven’t done it.