White man makes fun of blacks, everyone laughs

Tonight on Comedy Central’s Comic Groove, a white commedian got on stage in front of a black audience and proceeded to make jokes about blacks. One example is the advice he have to black clubgoers covered in jewlrey, “if you bought your platinum at a liquor store, it’s probably not real”. Another his commentary on black slang “brothers can speak an entire sentence without saying anything”. But did anyone in the audience boo or get huffy? No, they laughed. Well, everyone, looks like your What-it machines were broken the whole time. A white commedian made fun of blacks and nobody rioted! Many times I hear “double standard. Blacks are racist! They can make fun of white people but whites can’t make fun of blacks”. Once again, it seems that the “oppressed white male” (and his Chinese sychophant) is shown for what he is, a baseless whiner.

This is truly a brilliant OP. I can’t wait for your views on what the next episode of Fear Factor exposes about gender politics in our society.

about friggin’ time. I got pretty tired of black comedians making fun of whites but white comedians being afraid to do the same thing. It’s only fair.

Also, I don’t really consider myself a baseless whiner. Last time I checked, being harassed daily, having rocks thrown at you from passing cars as they yell out 'white boy!," not being eligible for hardly any scholarships and not being able to get a whole lot of financial aid wasn’t baseless whining.

I could be whining, yes, but it’s not baseless. Some of us white men really do have to put up with a lot of shit.

Wow. Giraffe, can I come and study at your hooves? That is one of the best disembowellings I have ever seen. The elegant economy is stunning.

I don’t usually gush like this.

What the hell … I never got a Chinese sychophant! What a gyp!

Can anyone recommend a reputable What-it machine repairman?

It’s funny. Get over it. Would you rather have a black comedian saying the same things?


What do the Chinese have to do with this? That, in contrast, was not funny.*
*If that blurb is a figure of speech I’m not familiar with, carry on.

I think pizzabrat is talking about this and perhaps this and a dash of this. This is a sampling of threads just from this year alone. That’s right folks, just from January and a leetle bitty part of Feburary.

I’m not sure what she means by Chinese sychophants, though.

Duh. I have no problem with it. I have problems with the whining. Did you read the OP?

I was referring to a specific poster,athelas ,a non-white champion of the “oppressed white male” cause (though I’ll concede that no one could have possibly known what I was talking about).

I think pizzabrat is talking about the annoying athelas, as evidenced in the Black History and Model Minority threads in GD.

x-post. sorry.

Oh that silly git. I didn’t know she was Chinese. Or a she. I haven’t posted in the BHM thread because I don’t think I can refrain myself from being, well, bitchy. Not good in GD. She says she was taught who Sara Josephine Baker was but she so dumb I have no doubts she thinks SJB was a black woman in a banana skirt.

I’ve always been able to make fun of my black friends, and them of me. I’ve found that if you’re joking, people are going to be able to tell it’s a joke (moreso in real life because of body language and tone of voice) and they’re going to laugh, no matter what color they are. It’s just a little bit harder when you don’t know those people.

I saw a white guy on BET a few months ago who said “I’m so black I’m startin’ to like white girls!” and the whole audience cracked up, it was hilarious.

Would they have objected if these jiokes were made to predominantly white audience?

I mean, I get your point. But I don’t think this example offers quite the definitive proof you assume it does.

But I could wrong.

Uh… you must have a really thin skin, pizzabrat, because the comedian’s comments don’t strike me as very insulting in the slightest. In fact, the comment about “speaking a whole sentence without saying anything” comes across, to me, as downright complimentary.

Or are you one of those people who finds insults everywhere you look? “Damned phone book, chock FULL of insults!”

Kill Whitey!

Did he make jokes only about blacks? Did he joke about whites?
If I understand your premise, you are saying that a single example that was so unprecedented that you were compelled to comment on it can therefore be held up as the rule and not the exception.

White man makes fun of pizzabrat, everyone laughs.

Black man makes fun of pizzabrat, eveyone laughs.

It’s a universal language.

But buy my record first!

I’m thinking of starting a thread called:

“Black man makes fun of whites, everyone laughs”