White Nestle Crunch Bars

Having just eaten the last bar from my box of White Nestle Crunch bars that I bought in the UK, I’m am desperate to find more before I lose my mind… I stumbled across candydirect.com and see that they are sold in the USA.

I find that regular chocolate bars taste much better in the UK than in other countries (well at least in Canada)… has anyone compared the UK & US White Crunch bars? If so, do the American ones compare?


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Shouldn’t people be boycotting Nestle?

ummm why should we be boycoting nestle?

I’d beleive it would be a hard thing considering its the first or second largest food company in the world next to kraft

But to most peoples mind here in the states all chocolate taste the same as theres maybe 3 high quality mass marketed chocolate companies

dove godiva and gaheridelli <sp>

On and in ca and a few other places theres a heavanely place known as sees candy sores

I didn’t know the Candy Sores were from Canada. I always considered them part of the L.A. punk scene.

The Nestle boycott was something to do with them allegedly giving away free baby formula milk to mothers in developing countries, not breastfeeding would make their milk dry up so they had no option but to use formula, then Nestle would charge them for it. And/or it’s something to do with babies in such countries being more likely to die from formula milk because of polluted water, unsterilised equipement, etc.

Yahoo! gave this: http://www.babymilkaction.org/

I remember this from my student days, Nestle products were banned from the Union shops.

However un-social-conscienced or not, I do eat Nestle products. And IIRC even in Australia they were imported, so eatable. Whereas Australian Cadbury’s was absolutely vile and actually inedible compared to the UK stuff. Various ULs abounded as to why during my backpacking days, but one of the main ones was they they “put something in the Aussie version to stop it melting as it’s a hotter climate.”

True or not, it was unrecognisable as UK Cadburys.

American chocolate I have tried (admittedly not many brands - mainly things like Hersheys) always tastes much sweeter and blander and more “watery” than UK versions. But my favourite chocolate is continental stuff such as Lindt, Toblerone, and also this organic stuff called Kaoka which is heaven.

I LOVE the white chocolate Nestle’s Crunch.

The first white choc candy bar they did was called “Alpine White” and was white chocolate with almond bits all through it.

Tasted great, but it looked EXACTLY like congealed bacon fat (with browned bacon bits in, no less!).

The composition of chocolate in the UK is sometimes the subject of disputes with the EU - UK chocolate (mostly) contains a proportion (I think about 5%) of vegetable fat, which according to some of our European partners should disqualify it from being called “chocolate” - the term “vegelate” has been suggested.

Curiously, this adulteration seems to improve the taste - i’ve seen a couple of blind taste tests in which subjects (from various EU countries) fairly consistently preferred the UK formulation over, say, Belgian chocs.

(On a tangent; a friend of mine got hold of some dark chocolate that was, well, totally chocolate - something like 99% cocoa solids. I tried a small piece - very strange, surprisingly bitter taste, not unpleasant, but it would take some getting used to.)

lol my line should of read "sees candy stores " and Ca meaning california

see what i get for posting on codiene ?

Belgian and Swiss chocolate, now that’s real. :stuck_out_tongue: