White people dining out? Gotta be false!

Reading an independant survey sponsored by the Ayrian nation , white people’s kitchens will be taken over by african and asian people of origin and eventually white people will have to go to restaurants and eat Jews too.

Well if this is true(which i sware i don’t think it is)), looks like Diary Queen is as dead as the dodo.
As most pepole who eat there are from islamic and third world countries.

I think this is as bad as Janet Waco. But is there any thruth in this rumor?

Please don’t take this the wrong way. It should be just a simple question.

Play that skanky music pale boy! (Just don’t try to dance.)

Well done, Lib. Very well done :smiley:


  • Tamerlane

Who are we spoofing? Some of us don’t read every thread in every fora.

Dammit, Lib, I vowed not to open that fargin’ bastidges of a thread, now here ya go and pique my interest. Sonnybeech, sheet!!

But, but, I don’t WANT to become a cannibal. :smiley:

When I waz in Europa and stuff, I red a intreview wif Pat Buchanon and he sayd that Taco Bell is gonna invaed Shoney’s and kilt all the white people in the place. I also red it in the DAILY MAIL, so iz it true??

A gentleman would buy me dinner first.

Read, and be enlightened.

Beautiful, Lib. Just beautiful.

Found it. Not your best parody, Lib, but still not bad.

It must be because they can’t print stuff that’s not the thruth. Hey I’m don’t believe it but you never know.

But, but, I don’t WANT** to become a cannibal.[/qoute]

I left out my stupid peroid please don’t be a Jack ace[//b]. I’m not saying. I’m just saying.
Its food for thaut is all.

Hey! I’m half mogoloid. I can’t hep it.

It’s good that the thruth can still be told. If the zinist conspeeracy makes it so that decent white folks can’t have a peanut buster parfay we should all br fighting this.

Naw, you all missed the comedy gold in that thread. It’s the part where, after a post just chock-full of typos, bad grammar, worse spelling, and general incoherency, he actually posts again just to correct his spelling of “truth.” Dude, that’s the least of your problems in there!

Yay! Chinese food!

Lib: you are the absolute master of parody threads.

I just wish that I had ever posted something half-assed enough for you to work with…

[sup]What!? Why is everybody looking at me?[/sup]

Finally! Soylent Green’s gone kosher!

i looked that word up and its not in the phone book. you rilly need to learn how to spell.

That thread makes my head hurt. Ohh…

I mean, what in the world can you really say?

I think the doctrine of ‘thruth’ should be incorporated into the Word Of Og.


Na dis is sick!