White people dying out? Gotta be false!

Reading a world population survey, white people will be out numbered by african and asian people of origin and eventually white people will be replaced by host populations(immigrants) and their own culture.

Well if this is true(which i don’t think it is), looks like the church is as dead as the dodo.
As most immigrants are from islamic and third world countries.

I think this is as bad as pat buchcanan. But is there any thruth in this rumor?

Please don’t take this the wrong way. It should be just a simple question.


Well first of all, this would not mean that the church will be “as dead as the dodo.” Many Third World countries are Catholic in nature, and have substantial Protestant populations. (Based on the context, I presume you’re referring to the Christian church.) In addition, there is a substantial conversion rate to evangelical Christianity in many immigrant groups, notably the Koreans.

Having said that, I suspect it would be premature to conclude that whilte people will eventually be displaced by immigrants.

I didn’t mean in 50 years or so i meant 100-150 years from now

I didn’t know some immigrants converted to christianity.

I’ve just thrown out all my old magazines, so I can’t provide an exact cite, but in an Economist article from several months ago it was stated that the majority of Arab-Americans are in fact Christians.

(I assume you’re talking about immigrants to America. You probably should make that clear.)

I’m not talking specifically about america, Im talking on the west as a whole.

“White” people are already outnumbered by Africans and Asians ( taken as a group ) and always have been throughout history. No exceptions that I can think of. In fact Europeans have always been outnumbered by Asians, period.

If you mean in Europe and North America, I would imagine you might see a slight continuing demographic shift away from caucasian Christians as the populations of the industrialized west stabilizes and ages and immigration continues. But I have seen no study that makes any claim to caucasians being “swamped out” at some point in the future. Remember it is erroneous to extrapolate current population trends 100 years into the future. It simply doesn’t work that way.

Also I’ll note that many Islamic immigrants are “white” and many “non-white” immigrants are Christian.

What was this world population survey you were reading?

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It was in a paper while I was visiting england and europe, the DAILY MAIL it had an article on world population growth and an ‘Exclusive interview’ on Pat buchanan. He stated that we should get ready for more third world immigrants and race riots as white people were swamped and persectuted.

Pat Buchanan is a nutball, and the Daily Mail is a nutball paper. You’re right to be sceptical.

Do you have a link so we can properly dissect this piece of garbage?

Are there not white immigrants? I live in a highrise building full of Russian immigrants who would argue this.

Since when is the Church (assuming you mean the Catholic church) synonomous with white people? Christianity is hardly a “white people” religion or a belief system that depends on only one group of people to sustain it.

Which one of the two makes immigrants a threat to the Church? Their being Islamic or their being poor? Seems to me that the latter would strengthen the Church. Jesus had a special thing for po’ folks, didn’t he?

As said earlier, white people are already a minority in the world, and many Muslims are in fact “white”. I find it amazing that when we’re talking about the ancient Pyramids or the other glories of Middle Eastern civilizations, folks have no problem annexing North Africa and the Middle East into Europe. But now suddenly Osama Bin Laden and his ilk belong to the “non-white” category. It’s funny.

When I was in middle school, I knew an Egyptian kid named Ahmed who would throw a fit if you called him an African. He believed he was white, even though he was brown-skinned and looked non-European. I’m wondering how Ahmed views himself now.

I don’t think the underlined above is anything new. Haven’t China and India pretty much always had more than half the world population? At least as long as accurate censuses (censi, censa ?) have been available.

I don’t think the second part of the statement follows from the first.

And the bad news is?

Par always has a doomsday message to keep him in agony.

I would give you a link, but does the Daily mail have a web page?

Where are these white muslims? I personally have never seen them. Could you be a bit more specific? It would help. Thanks.

Garibaldi, like we say here at SDMB “Google is your friend”

Using the Google Search Engine www.google.com, and searching for london “daily mail” links to the Daily Mail’s web site.

Are you decrying miscegination? I don’t really care what color skin people have 1000 years from now, as long as there are people and they love each other. If Pat Buchannan’s kind of white people disappear from the face of the earth, that seems to me (as a white person) to be a very good thing. I never cared for my really pasty colored skin anyway.

Because you’ve never seen one, the don’t exist? Have you ever seen Citizen Kane? Does it exist? Have you ever seen me? Do I exist?

O.K., here’s a white muslim you might have seen-- Cat Stevens.

Did you happen to visit a website owned by one Jan Lamprecht?

Well Muslim Bosnians and Albanians are white by most standards, many Turks are too…some Arabs have light skin and even blue eyes - especially in Syria and Lebanon. And there are Muslim people all over the former Soviet Union and the Balkans.

But this get to one of the problems with a category like “white” or like “black”. No two people agree on exactly who is white and who isn’t. Im sure some people might say no Muslim is white - even if they are blond .

I believe Arabs are generally considered to be “white”, but if that’s not good enough for you I can easily think of three or four of my Muslim classmates who are blonde-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, and generally as white a group of people as even a racist like you could ever hope to see.