white sox/cubs question

This is a question for anyone living in or near Chicago:

If the Cubs had made the World Series, would White Sox fans root for or against them? On the one hand, it would be a chance to bring a title to a city that hasn’t had one in a while. (I’m from Massachusetts, so I know how you feel, by the way.) On the other hand, don’t Cubs and White Sox fans generally dislike each other (not personally, but in a baseball sense)?

This question would also apply if the White Sox made a World Series. How would Cubs fans feel?

The hard core Cubs and Sox fans I know would not be happy to see the other team in the World Series. The north-siders and south-siders have a general dislike for each other. But here is the deal, I was at a Cubs-Sox game a few years ago and the couple sitting next to me were Cub fans. They asked me which side I was on. I said I am probably more of a Sox fan but I like going to Cub games too. They didn’t seem to like that answer very much, they guy said to me, “I don’t care which side you are on, just be on one side or the other”.

White Sox fans tend to be more blue collar, or at least they like to think they are and they tend to regard Cubs fans as little more then spoiled Yuppie scum.

Thar’s odd, because from a NYC perspective, I associate the Cubs with “Bleacher Bums” and the crass Leo Durocher and Ron Santo in-your-face style of play, which is hardly your pinky-in-the-air tea-sipping image you’re creating for the typical Cubbie fan.

Based only on the style of play, I would have thought that White Sox fans were more cerebral, upper-class types.

I think traditionally the White Sox attracted the south-siders who were mainly blue collar workers. The Cubs being from the north-side got more of the businessman types. The bleacher bums at Wrigley are the more blue-collar types of the north-side. Also, Wrigley has become more of a tourist attraction. Since the early 1980s, every time I went to Wrigley there were more and more tourists there. Wrigley’s also a place to “be seen” for the north-side yuppie types. Don’t be surprised if you go to a game a Wrigley and the people to the left of you are from Australia and the people on the right are young MBAs from the suburbs. You will also see many people constantly talking on their cell phones, calling all their friends and relatives to let them know, they are most assuredly at Wrigley field today.

ccwaterback hit it on the head. I love Wrigley, been going there before it became a T&A show. I’ve gone to games to have some stripey fake-bake blonde in a Bebe tube top and stilettos ask me where right field is. WHY EVEN GO, TRIXIE?! You’re gonna leave in the middle of the fifth to meet your dipsy doodle friends at John Barleycorn’s anyway.

Ahem. To answer the OP, there are plenty of Sox fans who would root against the Cubs, though they’ll justify it by saying they prefer the AL anyway. That’s because they hate that the Cubs continue to draw crowds year after sucky year, and for the last ten years that’s mostly due to tourists, suburbanites, and fucking yuppie scum who come to see the glory that is Wrigley Field. And let’s face it – that’s because Wrigley is a far superior ballpark. Period. No contest. Comiskey is fine (old Comiskey was better) but it lacks character that even a long history won’t be able to give it. You ask me, the Sox blew it on Comiskey. AND, they don’t support their goddamned team. Comiskey’s ALWAYS half-empty except for games against the Yankees and of course, the Cubs. For this reason, I don’t buy the “Cubs don’t have real fans” bullshit because Cubs fans buy up at least half of the 60,000 it takes to sell out Comiskey.

What’s more, in my city of neighborhoods, there really is a palpable enmity between the north and south sides. I grew up on the north side, and dated a south sider for a long time – before we met, I rarely if ever made it south of Congress for anything besides an MSI trip. The south side’s gotten an reputation for being unsafe that’s undeserved now (Jim Croce may have been right at the time, but that was many years ago). When people visit Chicago, they usually spend the most time downtown and on the north side, because that’s where most of the touristy stuff is. I think that’s sad, because there really are some fantastic south side areas but they’re falling into disrepair from lack of attention.

OT, a bit: the Sox haven’t won a Series since 1917, and haven’t been since 1959. Why don’t we hear more about “curses” wrt to the White Sox? They’re at least as pathetic as the Cubs and Red Sox.


Red Sox yes, Cubs, no. The Cubs have 9 years on the White Sox’s world championship drought, and 14 on their league championship drought.

And the Red Sox “curse” has more legs as a story because it involves the Yankees and Babe Ruth, the most famous team and player in baseball history. But the White Sox have indeed been more futile than the Red Sox.

I guess I missed the T&A show when I went to my first Cubs game in July.

A man who works in the cube next to me is a rabid White Sox fan, and on the afternoon of Game 7 was avidly planning a party to celebrate a Cubs loss. He’s also a little bitter because he dropped something like $8,000 on playoffs tickets and the Sox never made it. So his perspective is he’ll root for any other team so long as they aren’t the Cubs.

During the playoffs, a South Side bar–the name escapes me–offered free beer to patrons for each run the Marlins scored

Once you get past 20-30 years, the whole “drought” thing is pretty much the same. Darn few fans can remember the last Cleveland or Giants WS championship. The Washington Senators - Texas Rangers have never gone to a series in their 42 year history.

By the way: since the Giants moved to Pac Bell they’re attracting the same kinds of fans. Sheesh…If you want to talk to your friends on the phone, stay home, and give your ticket to somebody who actually wants to watch the game.

jsc, I’m sorry to hear that. The best way for me to think of it is that their money is helping keep Prior and Wood in Chicago. Plus, I must look like someone who knows where right field is – so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

I’d love to see Pac Bell. Looks fabulous on TV.