Whitney's "I Will Always Love You": Hog Calling at its best.

Does anybody else cringe when they hear Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You”?
Gad! I can only think of General Burkhalter’s (See Hogan’s Heroes) sister cackling out this monstrosity whenever I hear it. Or, perhaps Hoss Cartwright.

The song, in itself should be a lament; instead we get a monster truck competition.
Gotta go. Getting ready to barf.

I don’t get Monster Truck vibes from it at all.

I think of Leela singing it to the aliens in Futurama, causing Lrrr’s wife to accuse the humans of attacking.

I also think this topic is more than a little crass. Sorry to be Buzz Killington.

I think of Mark Hamill singing it on The Simpsons as the bodyguard instructor (he played himself and this role in that episode). I also think of it being played over the freeze-frame finish to the gay dating afterschool special parody they did on SNL.

I’ve always hated that song. If it comes on the radio I have to turn it off.

This one’s much better…


I thought it sucked ass when she was alive, I need to like it now she is dead?:dubious:

No you do not.

She was a drunk and she was a junkie, and I cannot fathom why people are so surprised at her death.

I own a book: Rock Stars Do The Dumbest Things, all about the excesses & stupidity of major musical talent, & she & Bobby get an entire chapter, dedicated to drugs, drink, violence & spousal abuse (mutual).

Nuts to the Whitney-worship!

Dolly Parton’s version is lovely and poignant. Houston’s is a vocal exercise.

I’ve always thought it sounded like a dog howling.

Pepper Mill can’t stand it.
Back when it first came out, they joked About it on (I think) the Tonight Show, using it as the sound for the Whitney Houston Smoke Alarm.

It sounds more like vocal warming-up exercises than actual music.

And I can’t help noticing that her death has gotten more air time than a head of state.

It sure as hell got overplayed, and is one of those songs/versions that doesn’t stand up to repeated, to-death overplaying like, say Hey Yaa by Outkast or Pumped Up Kicks, weird lyrics and all, by Foster the People. We seem to have a low tolerance, as a species, for diva-based overplayed songs, like the Titanic theme by Celine Dion.

If I only heard the version a few times, I would say it is an excellently-sung Gospel-style interpretation of the song. I accept the transition from Dolly’s reflective to Whitney’s triumphant/overcoming the heartache tone as part of that. I prefer Dolly’s interpretation, but thought Whitney put a different-but-legitimately different spin on it. And the irony of her triumphant tone now is…ironic. :dubious:

So don’t feel the hate for the version. But man it got overplayed.

I prefer Dolly’s version, too. But I respect Whitney’s, although it has been overplayed–for a very sad reason, lately.

Some folks are just too white to like it, though…

Agreed, Dolly’s is much better in every way.

I think its a beautiful song, sung by someone with the voice of an angel that’s now dead by slow suicide. That said I generally hate that kind of music but that song has always moved me to tears for some reason.

I like Whitney’s version the best…it absolutely soars.

I like both versions, can’t really choose between them.

I’m not sure why so many people seem to be aiming for “cool-kid” cred by hating Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” or snickering about her drug problems, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

too white to like it. Bridget Burke? just because I’m white my judgement is suspect? that was sarcasm, right?whatever.

I admit that Whitney had a great voice but I didn’t like her songs (do like Dolly’s version of her own song) or her vocal style, not gonna like em suddenly after her sad death.

Put it back in the deck, sister.

No, I’ve been cool since at least 2005: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showpost.php?p=6383452&postcount=32

I think there’s a racial/ethnic component to how people feel about Whitney Houston’s rendition of that song.

No, no, I’m not suggesting anyone who hates her recording is a racist! I hate it myself!

I’m just recognizing that what the OP dismisses as “hog calling” is part of a vocal style that Whitney learned while singing gospel in all-black or mostly black churches. And the prima female vocalists in a black gospel choir learn to do a lot of trilling, ululating and vocal gymnastics.

People who grow up in such churches LOVE that style. People who don’t often find it, well, excessive. Some people (especially black fans) hear Whitney sing “Iiiiiiiiiiiiii… will always love YoooouuuuuuuuUUUUUUooooo…” and think it’s magnificent. Other people (primarily white) will hear it and think, “Just sing the song, and stop showing off!”

Whitney sang the song exactly the way she wanted to… and we either like it or we don’t. It was a HUGE hit, so obviously somebody (make that MILLIONS of somebodies) loved it. I just wan’t one of them.

WHitney had a great voice, no question, What she didn’t have was restraint. And since she had huge success WITHOUT learning restraint, where was her incentive to change?