Who annoys you more? Dog or cat?

I’m annoyed by squirrels.

We’ve had lots of dogs and cats (we’ve fostered a lot, and currently have 4 dogs and 2 cats.)

Dogs are noisier and more work, but they’re also better at picking up human language without specific training. You can just talk to a dog and it will generally pick up what you want from it and comply. I mean, within reason. I don’t expect the dogs to fold laundry or anything. I find them easier and more fun to be around than cats. The cats drive me crazy with their jumping on counters (I know some people have had luck training this behavior away, but I never have.) And they’re always begging for pets. Dogs are usually just happy to be around you, they don’t demand constant doting.

Granted, some dogs are annoying as fuck. Excessive barking is especially irritating.

Never a dog owner, so I didn’t vote, but I have never met a cat that’s ever annoyed me more than a small yappy dog.

I agree. I’d add that dogs are like the clingy kind of girl who always wants to talk about the relationship and wants little gifts and signs and tokens and 20 text messages a day as signs of love. Cats, on the other hand, are more like confident adults in relationships, who can give and receive love without being needy or clingy about it.

That’s it for me. I think birds make for fascinating pets, but I would never own a parrot of any sort. Needy, messy, noisy as fuck and worst of all, smart enough to leverage the all of the above to maximum effect.

Dogs and cats are kind of equivalent to me as far which is more annoying, they both have good and bad points.


Some cats. I once had a little orange female for 17 years that regarded being separated from your lap for ten seconds a day to be the height of injustice.

I voted dogs, but I need to explain myself.

I have 5 dogs and 1 cat. I am, without a doubt, a DOG PERSON. Cannot imagine life without a dog or 5. But…

I do admit that they are a more high maintenance pet by far. They demand attention when they want it. They can be very clingy and underfoot, and sometimes… not often, but SOMEtimes, I just want to be left alone. This is when I can honestly say dogs annoy me.

But I love them anyway.

MY cat annoys me more than my dogs, but OTHER PEOPLES dogs annoy most of all.

My cat was far more annoying. Because I found her behaviors very hard to alter. Just tell a cat “go lie down and stay there” and see how far that gets you.

My dogs are far more sheer work than any cat could be. Few cats need to be run off leash for an hour or two every day. But aren’t that annoying (I signed up for this after all), except for the one who thinks pre-dawn is an excellent time to for everyone to wake up. Might as well keep a damn rooster in your bedroom.

Other people’s dogs are far more irritating than other people’s cats, though.

I’ve lived with dogs and I’ve lived with cats, but never together. Dogs, hands down.

Other people’s dogs most of all. If I come over and your dog jams its snout in my crotch and you get all fussy when I start pushing it away, I probably won’t be coming over too much anymore.

A well-trained dog is a joy. :cool:

You can’t train cats. :smack:

That sounds ideal. When the temperature drops below zero, you could shut off the heat and have yourself a Five Dog Night.

The one cat, however, would insist on sleeping on your face.

Humans annoy me the most…

Cooper (Dog) and Blue (cat) are great animals, I really can’t think of anything major that annoy me about Blue, if anything, he’s aggressively freindly, he’ll lay on my arm when lounging on the couch or bed, Cooper’s only two annoyances is his obsession with car rides (Some Say I should call him The Stig), and his tendency to be obstinate, but nothing too irritating

I owned a dog and have been owned by two cats; the cats came closer to annoying me sometimes even though I loved them both and miss them dearly.

I think the poll should separate dogs into two classes: little yip-yap dogs and actual dogs. Real dogs are great and I love them endlessly. Little yip-yap dogs look they were bred specifically to be punted.

“Any dog under 50 pounds is a cat, and cats are pointless”- Ron Swanson.

At least he’s licking his own.

Wait… were we talking about the pets or the owners?

We’ve had two dogs. The first one was great, very lovable, but fairly annoying. Barking, unbelievable shedding, dirty dog type habits of various kinds, short legged and close to the ground so a total mess after any walk when it was at all wet.

The second is almost perfectly behaved, long legged so she stays cleaner, cleans herself, short haired and doesn’t shed much, not interested in poop: a very dainty girl. However she’s a very ‘real’ dog (a ‘pit bull’) and her sole behavioral flaw is extreme aggression toward all other four legged animals. That can be annoying in the indirect sense that my wife isn’t strong enough to be certain of other dogs’ safety walking her alone, so I have to walk her every time if our grown kids aren’t around.

But she’s really something else with people, emotional IQ is off the charts (the previous dog was much smarter about anything related to stealing food, clever hound). She spends a lot of time with me and we have a special relationship but she always wants to show how fair she is with her affection when others are around, and seems to also know who wants to be bothered with her or not. Also striking looks, white fur but she changes apparent color due to markings on her skin depending on the light. She was cruelly disfigured (ears cut off) in her former life, but that also gives her her own look, like a small white lioness. Our feelings toward her are in general the opposite of annoyance: we are in awe of her.

I didn’t have to train my cat not to bark and he takes his own bath. I can clean his litter box in 30 seconds so I don’t have to worry about land mines in the yard.

mandatory disclosure - I currently keep company with 3 dogs and 3 cats. More likely. I am sucker for fur.

Cats are assholes. They really are. They don’t care if you had a hard day. They will sit on your lap because they want to. Or not. I had one that would use her claws and climb me like a tree if I did not pick her up fast enough. They will sit on your book/keyboard/newspaper/work if they want your attention while you are busy. They will destroy your possessions because claws ain’t for looks baby. They will pee and shit all over your house when they are mad at you because [reason]. They like to knock things off your counters because they like to watch them fall. They fight in the hallway at night and sound like a herd of roaring elephants (that is too a thing) while you are trying to sleep. They are also cute, and furry, and snuggly, and I love them all. But make no mistakes. They are selfish little bastards.

Dogs are content, usually, to just hang out. Having a bad day, they know it and will come up and try to comfort you. Sure, they’ll try and eat the trash (I never said they were perfect), but at heart, they want to be part of the family. You want to hang out in the living room - best idea ever! Go to the park - that sounds awesome! Walk to mailbox - cool, he wants to do that too! They take joy in every experience (except baths and the vet), and I find that amazing. Yes, they should be trained, but I have always found that part of the fun that is having a dog.

I love having both dogs and cats, but cats win the “annoying” crown, no contest.

My dog is definitely more high maintenance than my cats. But the dog has never once: jumped up on the kitchen counters to (e.g.) lick the butter; jumped in my bed while I was sleeping and sat on my face; urinated on baskets of clean clothes in the laundry room for know known reason; sharpened their claws on furniture; sat on my computer while I’m trying to work. I could go on and on. Love my cats, but they are much more annoying than the dog.