Who are the new Pirates?

IOW-What team has the current streak of consecutive sub-.500 seasons?

In baseball, I think it’s the Kansas City Royals.

Currently. They last had a winning record in 2003. But since they are currently at .521, they will likely break the string this year.

After them, the Astros and Mets are tied with their last winning season in 2008. The Astros definitely, and the Mets almost certainly, won’t break .500 this year.

Only 15 more losing seasons to go to equal the Pirates!:wink:

Expanding it beyond MLB?

I saw something on the local news on this. If I’m remembering right, after this baseball season it’ll be the Minnesota Timberwolves who last had a winning season in 2005 and another (non-NBA?) team tied with them that I don’t recall.

Washington Generals