Who are the scariest prominent conservatives who are not household names?

So the thread is precisely what it is asking for. This is really just asking for opinions but I figure people will start debating, if the mods want it in IMHO that’s cool.

The rules of the thread: All celebrities are off-limits. If there has ever been a thread about them on this forum, they are basically out. That means no Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, Ron Paul or anyone like that.

My contribution:

Gary North and Rev. Rousas John Rushdoony

Lyndon La Douche. Excuse, Larouche. Sorry.

LaRouche isn’t famous?

Heh, I would put him as being more on the celebrity side of things, but some people may not know about him.

Though I’d prefer it if people actually showed their work rather than just throwing decontextualized name dropping into the mix.

You seem to be (deliberately) confusing fringe lunatics with prominent conservatives. Well played.

No actually, I had a more granular view of it than that. I’m seeking something that’s in between fringe lunatic (Timothy McVeigh) and prominent celebrity (Sarah Palin).

What do your mean by prominent?

Seems like something akin to celebrity goes with the territory.

I have no more comments regarding the semantic nitpick of the term ‘prominent’. Just state your case regarding your particular public semi-public figure. The rest of it is a waste of time.

So, we’re looking for prominent, but not particularly famous? Like, John “Kill 'em all!” Bolton?

I guess. I would argue that he’s pretty famous, but not Sarah Palin famous. Basically I am looking for the C and D list of famous scary conservatives. John Bolton would be B-List by my estimation with Sarah Palin being A-List, but if you think it’s appropriate by all means. Who I have heard of and who everyone else on the forum has heard of are different animals.

Basically, to put it simply, lets get ourselves a cast of characters that we don’t bitch about a lot already. Lets bring some new faces on the scene.

(In case anyone doesn’t realize, Rushdoony died in 2001, so I’d hardly consider him a particularly scary figure anymore.)


What he said. Kinda. IMV, not well played, but disingenuous at best, juvenile at worst.

Can we expect a similar thread that lists NAMBLA as liberals, among others?

(ftr, I’m not a conservative and have no dog in this fight)

Right. I was starting with Gary North really, and I kind of tacked Rushdoony on there. You’re correct though.

But it’s looking like people aren’t actually interested in the thread, so if it gets to post 20 without another real response rather than a nitpick of the way the OP is posted, I’ll probably bow out.

Well, unless he’s a gh-gh-gh-ghost!

Willis Carto: Antisemite, Holocaust denier, conspiracy theorist. Campaigned for George Wallace for president in 1968; turned Youth for George Wallace into the National Youth Alliance, which later became the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Founded the Populist Party (which ran David Duke and Bo Gritz for president), the Liberty Lobby (which wanted to “repatriate” all African-Americans to Africa), and the American Free Press (which still exists).

Bo Gritz (rhymes with "rights): The same only more violent. “New World Order” conspiracy theorist, former Army Special Forces officer, Vietnam vet, spent years after the war claiming there were still American POWs in Vietnam. Ran for president on the Populist Party ticket in 1992. Taught a survivalist course in the '90s in anticipation of general social collapse in the U.S., established a sort of “Patriot” base/commune in Idaho. Unlike Carto, however, he disavows racism.

Well, to keep the nitpicking going… John Mace pointed out that your use of the word “prominent” is interesting, but I think your use of “conservative” is even more so:

Advocating for a theocracy unknown in America since well before the creation of the United States - to my knowledge, these groups explicitly disavow the Constitution - doesn’t sound very conservative to me.

I knew I could count on you. :wink: Thanks.

Fair enough, but this doesn’t dispute that Reconstructionism has a voice in religious right. If you’d like to discuss the relative influence of reconstructionists, that would be more interesting.

Well, you’ll have to argue the point with Christian Reconstructionist Gary North himself, who explicitly identifies as a conservative:

The OP’s attempt to draw distinctions between “prominent” vs. “household name” or “C list” vs. “B list” figures seems pretty unworkable to me, but putting the likes of Gary North in the “conservative” category seems reasonable. I don’t see how North can be plausibly True-Scotsmanned out of the “conservative” label that he claims for himself.

He wasn’t True-Scotsmanned out of it; he simply doesn’t fit the definition. He can call himself whatever he likes, but I think these quotes speak for themselves.