Who Are/Were The Contrarians?

Who Are/Were The Contrarians?

'Nuff said.

Not enough said. Give us some context.

In terms of investment strategies, a contrarian is somebody who buys when the general market sentiment is to sell, and sells when most people are buying.

In the film Little Big Man some of the tribe that adopted Dustin Hofman were contrarians - they rode their horses back to front, and other strange things.

Those were the “Contraries,” not contrarians - heyokas, or sacred clowns/tricksters, and associated with the Thunderbird

A number of the members of this board seem to be modern adherents of the cult.

It’s a fairly modern term (OED’s earliest quote is from 1954) and the early uses of it seem to favour the theory that it started as a stock market term. Cite.

Here’s one.

Be careful, they never do what you’d expect them to do.

No it isn’t.

In essence, it’s an investment strategy based in identifying what industries and companies will move in the opposite direction from the market generally, and then investing in them. E.g., during the Depression the major movie studios were making significant profits – people who held stock in them had a “hedge” against their losses in other companies that were tanking.

My ex-boss thinks extremely highly of one of the leading contrarians, Doug Casey, and attributes in part to his advice the fact that his net worth in investments appreciated rather than shrinking during the last 2.5 years where stocks were generally declining.

One key principle is that as a rule, the value of bonds declines as the value of stocks rises, and the converse.

New band name: Merry Mary and the Contrarians

Yes it is.

Yes they do!

No, it isn’t.

Actually, the contrarians are folks who laugh at the breatharians.

My apologies if “The Contrarians,” ended up not being a specific group. Apparently the phrase may be attributed to several groups. The answer some folks at work were seeking refers to The Contrarians in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels.

Thats not an argument!

Host (John Cleese): With me now is Norman St. John Polevaulter, who for the
last few years has been contradicting people. St. John
Polevaulter, why do you contradict people?
Polevaulter (Graham Chapman): I don’t!
Host: But you… you told me that you did.
Polevaulter: I most certainly did not!
Host: Oh. I see. I’ll start again.
Polevaulter: No you won’t!
Host: Ssh! I understand you don’t contradict people.
Polevaulter: Yes I do!
Host: And when didn’t you start contradicting them?
Polevaulter: I did! In 1952!
Host: 1952.
Polevaulter: 1947!
Host: 23 years ago.
Polevaulter: No!

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