Who are you, PowerSearch? Why do you torment me?

So I’m in the Pit, wandering around old threads and giggling madly (I’ve been offline for quite a while and golly gee, I missed you guys) when out of the blue a FULL PAGE ad for Power Search appears, completely blocking my entire screen! I click the “close window” button. IT DOESN’T WORK! I right click, hoping to open a menu box that will have a close command. The menu box opens. My choices are: cut, copy, paste, save, save as, and add to favorites. These choices suck. So I take a deep breath and reset my computer.

Ten minutes later, after the computer has snottily warned me about the dire consequences of not properly shutting down Windows (holes in the space-time continuum, elevated cholesterol, yadda yadda yadda), I log back on to continue my afternoon’s entertainment.


WHY!?! Why am I plagued by the Power Search ad? Why does it constantly appear to me, haunting me, targeting me? Did I run over a nun in a previous life? Was I some reprehensible life form who spread evil and dischord wherever I went? Was I a personal injury lawyer? I don’t ask much from life. Just the ability to look at what I choose on my computer screen. That’s not much, is it? Is it? For the love of God, what did I do to deserve this inhuman torture?

Help me, before it comes back!

Someone else will have a better, Pit-suited answer – but:
Marlitharn, have you emptied the cookies from your Cookies folder and Temporary Internet Files? (If you are using PC)? The little devil could be hiding in there, lurking, waiting until you’re completely relaxed … when suddenly …

Stop cruising those porn sites and you won’t have to worry about pop up ads:)