Who are you wearing?

Who the fuck cares you pretentious twat?!

Dude, that’s the last time I’m crank calling your house.

It’s “whom.”

Wait, who are you wearing?

I didn’t know Leatherface even had an Internet connection, let alone a post count here.

Clarice Starling, that’s who.

Serves you right for abusing your brain by watching the Oscars, you sagging donkey’s ass.

Well, as a matter of fact, I’m wearing-

If it upsets you so much why did you ask?

Nothing stands between me and and my CKs.

Why do you ask?

Lots of people care who someone is wearing.

Maybe they’re similarly shaped and think it will look nice on them.

Maybe they’re idly curious about the designer that made such a nice piece of clothing.

Maybe they’re in the business and want to look at developing trends.

Maybe they have an event of their own and want to know who the “it” designer is so they can wear that designer’s clothes as well.
As you can see, there are many reasons why a third party, beyond those asking and answering the question (I suppose the designer himself cares as well, because that’s why he did it, for the free advertising) might care. They’re not really all that pretentious reasons, either.
The question is, since you’re so obviously against the practice, why are you putting yourself in the position where you’d be exposed to it?

If you’d asked this question to Ed Gein, you would’ve got a meaningful answer. You might even have known them.

Lands’ End and Target.

And is the asker or the askee the pretentious twat?

I just realized that over two-thirds of my shirts and both of my pajama outfits are Polo Ralph Lauren.

Vox Imperatoris

twists pj top around, reads label delicates, (A discontinued JC Penney line of pjs and lingerie)

I wear Samuel Smith’s around my midsection.

Gott in himmel, pajama outfits? Your man-card is officially revoked.

I am currently wearing L.L. Bean and Brooks Brothers.

Outfit=shirt+pants, both manly. Man card retained.

Vox Imperatoris

ETA: This one is a bit similar to one of them (actually the less manly of the two).

My shirt is Bauer and my pants are Strauss.

In reality, it’s 春花, 娥皇, 裴植, 宗景, 雅, 晓庆, 晓红, 晓, 蕭範 …

I remain dubious. Consider yourself on probation for now. :stuck_out_tongue: