Who are your favorite advice columnists?

I’m a faithful reader of:

Dan Savage’s potentially not-work-safe “Savage Love” in The Stranger.
Margo Howard’s “Dear Prudence” on Slate.
Carolyn Hax’s “Tell Me About It” in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (though she’s based at the registration-required Washington Post)
Randy Cohen’s “The Ethicist” in the New York Times Magazine (can’t find a general link for the column, sorry; also requires registration).

I don’t always agree with any of them, but they’re almost always entertaining.


Dan Savage, without a doubt. He’s practically the only reason I go to theonion.com anymore.

Some friends of mine started one online about a year ago: Smart & Sassy

That’s the only one I read daily. Aren’t we an awful lot like a giant advice column here?

Dan Savage is my favorite. He gets such weirdoes some weeks (for those of you unfamiliar with his work, Mr. Savage writes advice usually targeted to the sexually active, sometimes the *extremely * sexually active). I think I burnt someone’s brain a few weeks ago by linking to his column on grandmothers (not me!) having sex with their canaries.

All of the above – though I read Carolyn Hax via the Washington Post. I always forget to look for “Savage Love,” but just added the link you provided to my list of sites to look at daily. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Miss Manners.

Another for Savage Love. Only one I read.

Miss Manners
Savage Love when I remember to grab a copy of The Stranger

I forgot about Miss Manners! :smack: Her column is on my personalized Washington Post page along with Carolyn Hax’s, so I forgot to mention it. But I read her all of the time, too.

I don’t read Miss Manners regularly. I tend to forget she’s online, and then every six months or so look up her page on the Post’s site and read all the columns that are available.

Does anyone read Dear Abby anymore? I don’t, but I’m surprised she hasn’t come up at all.

I read Savage Love, Carolyn Hax’s Tell Me About It, and occasionally Dear Abby. The latter is usually out of boredom though, and not any real desire to see the column.

Savage Love is by far the best. (If you’re in Seattle, say a prayer for Seattle Weekly’s Dategirl, who is in waaay over her head.)

I miss Mr. Blue, Garrison Keillor’s defunct advice column at Salon.com. His replacement, Cary Tennis (Since you asked…), is sometimes interesting, but not enough to read faithfully.

Interrobang!?, you would make a fine advice columnist yourself.

It probably says something that I read him 4 days out of 5, yet didn’t think to include him in this thread until just now. And it says: I’m not that big a fan. Actually, I tend to find the people that write to him more interesting than his answers, and given how many paragraphs he devotes to his answers, that’s not ideal.

On the other hand, he’s way better than “Dategirl.”

Also online, nerve.com’s “Sex Advice From…” series can be really good, or really boring, but it depends who they’re asking for advice that week. The Donnas were pretty good, fashion models less so. Of course, it’s more funny than useful (not that I’ve submitted any questions…), even when it’s good. I won’t link directly, as Nerve is definitely not work apropos.

Woo hoo! A calling!

I used to, but I started finding her to be too conservative – sometimes even closed-minded. I sometimes feel that way about “Dear Prudence,” too, but not nearly as often.

I thought of one more, which I just realized counts as an advice column: Sara Gebhardt’s “Apartment Advisor” in the Washington Post. It’s a Q&A column that deals with tenant/rental issues, and I’ve been renting for more than 10 years so I find it interesting. As the name implies, it is geared toward apartment living: I’ve moved on to renting townhouses, but there’s still applicable stuff in there (I was even quoted in her column once!). Sometimes, being a tenant is being a tenant. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=E. ThorpI miss Mr. Blue, Garrison Keillor’s defunct advice column at Salon.com. His replacement, Cary Tennis (Since you asked…), is sometimes interesting, but not enough to read faithfully.[/QUOTE]

The coolest thing about Cary’s column is the thread in Private Life in the Table Talk forum. The advice there is usually better than Cary’s plus sometimes the letter writers register and post to defend themselves and that’s really, really interesting.

Other columnists I read are Savage Love, Miss Manners, Dear Prudence (usually just to piss myself off, I think sh’es horrible), and The Ethicist. I should start checkingout Carolyn Hax too…

Another Dan Savage fan here.

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Well, other than Dan Savage, my fave has got to be Dear Zettie.

Those already mentioned that I make sure to catch:

Savage Love
Miss Manners
Tell Me About It

I also read:
Tomato Nation, a very savvy relationship/grammar/cats/New York living/baseball advice column.

When Breakup Girl was still dishing out regular advice, I was there every day, too.

Click & Clack.

Dan Savage is great (poor Rick Santorum)

Beth O and Isaac the Bartender in FHM are surprisingly good as well (what? it was a free subscription!)