Who are your favorite fictional medical examiners/pathologists?

I couldn’t resist, after reading this thread.

I’m re-watching all of Endeavour, and my current fave ME is Dr. Max DeBryn. So cute, serious, sensitive, and quotable (all but the last quote are from IMDB):

I’ll add more MEs later…

Laura Hobson. Although I like DeBryn too. Steals the scenes he’s in.

Maybe Elizabeth Rodgers (L&O: CI) or Laura Hobson (Inspector Morse/Lewis). I’ve seen most Endeavour but I don’t have any special recollection of DeBryn. Morbid dialogue is de rigor for MEs.

Dr. Blake seems an unfair choice.

Oh, yeah. Anybody who could go toe-to-toe trading wisecracks with Lennie Briscoe has to win this thread.

This is one of the best moments in the whole Law & Order franchise.

Toss-up between Dr Al Robbins on ***CSI ***and Donald “Ducky” Mallard on NCIS.

Love Max DeBryn and the entire Endeavor series. They did much more with it than I expected they would.

I very much enjoyed the Nikki Alexander character in the Silent Witness series. All the forensic pathologist characters in that series were memorable and fun to watch. The clues came pretty easy for them, but the forensics were more realistic than most and I appreciated that.


All the big ones will be mentioned, so I’ll go with the one from Psych.

My choice too. Jack Klugman may have been a slob on “The Odd Couple,” but as Quincy the ME, he showed his versatility.

Let’s not forget Melissa Warner from L&O, played by the stunning Tamara Tunie. She also did some time as Erin Reagan’s boss on Blue Bloods.

Many of my favorites have been mentioned. Here’s one y’all may not be familiar with: Gina Kadinsky from a fabulous show called The Brokenwood Mysteries, set in New Zealand. From Wikipedia: “She is a highly eccentric Russian woman who often talks about how things were in Russia, and doesn’t quite understand ‘the English humour.’” Her humor is usually ironic and delivered deadpan (as it were). She has the hots for detective Mike Shepherd, a chubby guy who drives a 1971 Holden Kingswood, which is usually blaring country-western music from the radio. I love this show. Look for it on Acorn and Britbox.

Speaking of Wikipedia, they’ve done a bunch of the work here.

The only one that I remember featuring in anything I read was Paul Konig from Herbert Lieberman’s excellent City Of The Dead. Now that I have been reminded, after 40 odd years, I think I will read it again.

I loved Quincy, too, but I have to chuckle at “showed his versatility”: his character mainly ran the gamut of emotions from irate to enraged.

Waldo Butters. Because polka will never die.

Dr. Rogers was my first choice. She has a world-weary affect that seems very appropriate to her character.

Rogers was my first love. DeBryn is my current crush. But Dr. Julia Ogden from Murdoch Mysteries makes me want to be a better person. Not as snarky as Rogers and DeBryn but she has her moments. She’s one of the leads in the show so we know much more about her than most MEs. I can’t explain her here, she’s just lovely. Smart and sassy only scratch the surface.

Another vote for Dr. Rodgers. My husband and I started watching Community to see Leslie Hendrix, who played the role on Law and Order, play it in Community’s episode that parodied that show. IIRC, the actress paid her own way to the set because she liked the comedy so much.

Rogers was the best. Over the years, she got a lot of personality for a minor character. Like her going to the opera with Lennie, or obviously having some bad dates with Ross (CI) that we never heard about. And of course, “free javelins”.* It just seems wrong sometimes when I watch an early episode and they have some other ME.

Second choice is Eugene Hawes from Elementary.

*Though a runner up to the javelins quote is the unnamed CSU tech’s quote in “Floater” “Did I mention the eels?”

This. Quincy is so good, he only needs one name. I have to second Ducky, though.

I love Ducky, too. And I think Jimmy Palmer is a worthy successor.

This is for those who never saw David McCallum as Ilya Kuryakin. God, he was gorgeous.

I had never heard the “free javelins” bit. So in character!