Who are your SD neighbours?

This thread got me wondering about my SD neighbours - the member who joined immediately before me and the one immediately after. My profile is number 11733 (click on your own profile page, it’s in the URL after the words “userid=”) so my predecessor is user 11732, Ozma, who joined on 27 December 2000, made a single recorded post and hasn’t been back since 31 December 2000. The next person to join after me was Truncated, user 11734, a music, martial arts and reading enthusiast from Sweden who made 5 recorded posts and hasn’t been back since November 8 2001.

Who are your SD neighbours?

Just prior to me was IrishGeezer, who made a total of 2 posts in March 2004. After me was Erebos, who made only one post in March 2004.

I am preceded by the notorious DAVEW0071, and right behind me came some longforgotten 22-post wonder named Phantmwise

Geesh, I was NOT in good company. Mine are Barthenon who posted once about coin-op pool tables, and CBomb22 who posted 3 times, all in the same thread.

Good thing I joined that day, or 12/13/05 wouldn’t have produced much for the SDMB. :smiley:

My immediate neighbors are ** barctor **, who posted once about his brand loyalties, and ** keeper8 ** who never even posted.

Both of my neighbors vanished after a handful of posts:

Blue Midget - 9 posts

wnereus - 7 posts

Neither has been seen since 2004. Was it something I said?

Mine are TojoDaMofo with zippo posts (Too bad. With a name like that, I’m sure he’d have all sorts of interesting things to share. :rolleyes: ) And then there’s OldSeaDog with one post asking about hard water softeners. His sig line reads, “I’d rather die in my sleep like my granddad, not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.” I think I would have liked him.

Before me: uncle kenny, 0 posts
After me: ShortBus, who’s still a member but only has 56 posts.


Member 1002 here. My predecessor was amaedalus, who made one post. I was followed by ckempke, who also made one post. Neihter post can be retrieved any more - this was in May of 1999.

Member 1000 was similarly ephemeral - apparently not realizing what glory was his/hers… :rolleyes:

Billyt123 and Elmer. Both rather short-lived and long gone.

DariasApostle, 0 posts,
byteoart, 6 posts.

The nearest avtive menmers are:
elbows, 1304 posts (ID is 2> than mine),
** toadspittle** (ID is 14< mine).

active members.

(Which would be a decent band name.)

Huh. Mine were a couple of guests (but did we have guests back then?)- k s mckay who never posted, and then spnstr with a whopping 7 posts.

July 5, 2000.

I’m sandwiched between A jerk (zero posts, yet he’s a “registered user” - must be an interesting story in there somewhere…) and Maureen Birnbaum, who made seven posts, all of which were evidently eaten by the hamsters.

Can someone refresh my memory? What exactly is a registered user?

As I mistakenly wrote in another thread…
The guy who joined after me was Katsu, who made one post. I looked it up and my head nearly exploded:

I guess he didn’t stick around because the rest of us speak English.

I’m with Cuthbert Allgood (Guest) who has seven posts, and Nancarrow (Member) at 256 posts.

Physically, I consider Rodd Hill to be a “neighbour”.

Teppei was right before me and lasted until December of '03 with 196 posts.

Catalyst is a Charter Member to this day and has 882 posts. And hates ramen.

Mine are misskim with zero posts, and Nullc, with 5. Woohoo, compared to them, I’m a major poster!

Most of my immediate neighbors are no-post wonders, except for Larry Mudd who apparently joined the day after I did (his user number is three higher than mine).

My nearest interesting neighbor on the other side is this guy, whose grand total of five posts need to be read to be believed.

This thread just seems to confirm how small a proportion of the 60,640* members actually hang around to post regularly.

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