Who can be surprised that Buicks are dying?

The problem with all of the GM brands is that there are few vehicles unique to each. It seems like they start with one basic model. They dress it up and call it a Cadillac. Add a spoiler and big wheels and call it a Pontiac. Add plastic body panels and sell it as a Saturn. When was the last time each brand had its own cars and unique identity?

You know how kids tend to inherit their parents’ old cars when they learn to drive? (I lucked out on that score! :smiley: ) My best friend got a 1970 Buick Skylark. Sort of (possibly metallic) gold-ish kind of like this one, with a dent in the passenger door. That door made a hideous creek when it was opened. And this was in the late-'70s/early-'80s, after two oil embargoes, so he kind of suffered with the fuel consumption.

:dubious: Have you even watched the news? Maybe you should do a little research before posting. Pontiac isn’t next…it’s already been axed. Buick has never been a candidate for closing. Buicks are profitable. In China. Where they are huge.

Actually, Cadillac has the following models

CTS - Sigma platform, not shared with any other line
STS - Sigma platform, not shared with any other line
DTS - K-platform, similar to the Buick Lucerne H-platform but not really shared
XCR - Y-platform, shared with Corvette
SRX - Sigma platform, not shared with any other line (mid-sized crossover)
Escalade - GMT800, shared with Yukon, Suburban, Avalanche, Tahoe, H2, pickups

This page is really good at seeing what models are based on badge engineering.

Heh. My first car was a 1975 Buick Apollo that I “inherited” from my grandmother when she bought a new car. Basically a dressed-up, 4-door, Chevy Nova. Destroyed the transmission using it to deliver pizzas.

I was disappointed when Oldsmobile bit the dust. I loved my second car, a 1973 Toronado. My favorite feature was the motorized front bench seat. Run that thing all the way back and it gave me and my then-girlfriend waaay more room than the back seat ever would have :smiley:

Buicks are also extremely reliable, they were the most reliable line of cars in America last year: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/19/jaguar-buick-reliability-_n_176755.html

Buick Grand National X was a street racer’s dream. You could squeeze over 600 hp from the motor with very little modifications.

It’s not the name plate, it’s the car attached to it. In the 60’s there was a fair amount of product differentiation between the brands. The motors were different and they looked decidedly different. Starting in the 70’s (and perfected in the 80’s), GM morphed everything together to save money. Instead of using brand names to carve out overlapping niches they changed grills and tail lights to separate a Cadillac from a Chevy. It didn’t work.

Ford had the right idea of modular engine design but they seemed to have strayed over the years.

I’ve had several Buick Regals and you can’t do better for options in a mid-size, mid-priced vehicle. Mine came with heated leather seats, power everything, and an eye-pleasing trim package.

Of course, I’m officially an Old Fart so I guess that may temper my comments but I’ve found them to be very reliable, good mpg, and and overall good value.