Who can explain "Bigdil" to me?

When we were in France last year and this year, my husband and I were fascinated by one of their television shows. It’s called “Bigdil.” I believe it’s a game show; the premise is that there is a big computer-animated critter on a screen, and the French version of an obnoxious quizmaster/game show host. This quizmaster is balding, wears a long ponytail, and wears the most eye-blisteringly brilliant zoot suits you ever saw. Obnoxious quizmaster chatters loudly and constantly, and big computerized critter (Bigdil?) delivers a deep-voiced side commentary and one-liners. Although I speak a little French, I can’t understand a thing they’re saying.

What the hell is going on in this show? And how dare the French best us in the obnoxious quizmaster and game show division?

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There’s already a thread about “Bigdil”…


GirlNextDoor: hahahahahahaha! I wonder what the biggest size is?

I guess no takers on the French game show. It will forever be a mystery . . . .

lol@ girlnextdoor

pug: I’ve got a french-speaking friend going to France shortly. I’ll mention it to him and see if he can offer any insight upon his return.