Who can see my sealed record?

I have a conviction on my record, for which I was granted youthful offender status. The records were sealed but not expunged. Who can see these records? I am looking at applying for a pharmacy tech position (this conviction is related. it isn’t hard to guess), and want to know if they will have access to this. Also, who else has special access to sealed records?

I live in Alabama, if that helps.

ForumBot, IANAL, nor am I in AL, but I am an Air Force recruiter in TN. If you give someone permission to see your background (like you typically would for a government job), odds are they will see your youthful indescretion. On a typical day here, I run 2-3 background checks. I take the required forms to the court house and they give me the records (if something has been expunged, it shows up on the computer screen with the word “EXPUNGED” next to it. After getting the records from the court, I go to the charging agency, i.e., police. I present them the required forms, then they print out the records. WARNING: Anecdote
Most times, I see a record from the court come back saying “Youthful Offender” and the local police record has the original charge. Occassionally, I have to do another, different request to get the original charge. Seldom do they not give out the original charge.

Hope this helps.

Alabama Code, Title 15: Criminal Procedure, Chapter 19: Youthful Offenders



Is there some kind of pardon-request thing you can pursue to get the record… well, not expunged, but at least mitigated in some way?

I think sealed is the next best thing to being expunged. What did you have in mind?

Well, I see advertisements for “pardon services”, i.e. how to fill out the government forms to request pardons for past criminal offenses. I’d assume you’d have to express acceptable remorse and demonstrate you’ve been law-abiding and productive since. I hadn’t previously thought about applying it to a juvie record, but now I’m curious. Why not give your local courthouse a call?