Who coordinated the anti-war protests yesterday?

Who decided all those anti-war protests worldwide were to take place on February 15? I guess that simply some group or organization scheduled its particular rally to happen at that date, and then others all over the globe joined and decided to do it the same day, to attract more attention, and more and more did so. Which one was the first? Is there any specific meaning in the date, or did they just pick the next suitable Saturday?

I think one of the main organizing groups (maybe THE main organizing group) was A.N.S.W.E.R, a rather nasty collection of Stalinists and anti-semites.

Why, the Bogey-Man du jour, of course.

Sam, do you happen to have a citation for A.N.S.W.E.R. having a principle role? Are they supposed to have been the organizers in New York and/or Los Angeles? Or all the U.S.? Or all the world? (Would that include the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem protestors?)

Or the principal role if you feel they are unprincipled.

According to NY1, “The rally in New York was one of hundreds around the nation and the world organized by the umbrella group United for Peace and Justice.”

You can see a list of the various groups involved with the organization here. The International Legion of Nasty Antisemites and Stalinists is not listed.

From this site I pulled this:

“Take a look at the people who are organizing these so-called “anti-war” demonstrations. Several weeks ago we had on in Washington D.C. Few members of the American media reported that the principal organizers were leftist Marxist organizations. Ditto for London and Rome today. Leftists. Socialists. People who have an abiding hatred for the United States and it’s capitalistic system of economic freedom. Now let’s be clear here. I’m not saying that the demonstrators are all anti-American. A good number of them are in those marches today because it’s and event, a happening. Some are there out of true pacifist leanings. Some are there because they truly don’t understand what’s going on and the consequences of inaction. The fact is that they are being drawn to rallies organized and promoted by people who most definitely ARE anti-American and who want to see the United States weakened. Many of the organizers actually back Saddam in his efforts.”

Just to put Bob55’s site in perspective, here is another pearl of wisdom from it:

I would have been surprised if there was not a significant socialist/left-leaning component to many of the organizers. (Just as I would be surprised if the various pro-war demonstrations that have now begun to pop up did not include members of the Right.) I was curious as to specific references to specific groups. Since Sam has mentioned A.N.S.W.E.R. in more than one thread and I, like Alphagene have not seen a reference to them elsewhere, I am just curious to see a connection–and how widespread it extends.

You guys are not being fair to Sam. What he said was

It is a statement about what he thinks, not a statement about what is really happening.

Here’s the A.N.S.W.E.R. web site.

Here’s the web site for Worker’s World, the parent organization.

I suspect ANSWER is oriented more to the U.S.

In Europe, I think think the biggest organizing force was the Stop the War Coalition. Its members are listed on the web site as:

Trade Organizations
GLATUC (Greater London Association of Trades Councils)
Torfaen Trades Council
ACTS 1/372 Branch
Islington UNISON
London Fire Authority UNISON
London Labour Left
Fire Brigades Union
Liverpool Dockers Shop Stewards Committee
New York City Labour Against the War
Dundee Local Authority Shop Stewards Liaison Committee
Labour Against the War
Labour Left Briefing

Arab/Muslim Organizations
Al-Khoei Foundation
Arab Organisation of Human Rights
Bangla 2000
Campaign for Palestinian Rights
Federation of Kurdish Community Organisations
Federation of Student Islamic Societies in UK and EIRE (FOSIS)
Iraqi Network for Human Rights
Islamic Centre England
Islamic Human Rights Commission
London Council of Mosques
Muslim Association of Britain
Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)
Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre
Muslim Parliament
Muslims for JustPeace
Muslims for Justice
Muslim Student Society
Mayfair Islamic Centre
North England Medical Arab Society
Palestinian Community
Palestinian Return Centre
Palestinian Forum
Palestine Solidarity Campaign
UKIM (UK Islamic Mission)
World Ahlu Albayt Islamic League (WABIL)
World Assembly of Muslim Youth
Young Muslim Organization UK

Communist Party of Britain
Green Party
Network of Socialist Campaign Groups
Sefton and West Lancashire Green Party
Socialist Alliance, Socialist Campaign of Labour MP’s
Socialist Labour Party
Socialist Party
Socialist Workers Party
Socialist Resistance
Red Pepper
Morning Star
Plaid Cymru

Organizations of People at the Wrong Protests, and/or The Severely Confused
Black Racial Attack Independent Network (BRAIN)
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
Colombia Solidarity Campaign
National Civil Rights Movement
Partizans (People against Rio Tinto)
CARF (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism)
Globalise Resistance
Newham Monitoring Project

Assorted Peace Groups
Artists Against the War
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation
British Humanist Association
Housman’s Peace Bookshop
Lawyers Against the War
Media Workers Against the War
Peace People (Northern Ireland)

Women’s Groups
Eve’s Back (Manchester’s women’s magazine)
Women’s Coalition for Peace and Development (New Delhi)
Women’s Interntational League for Peace and Freedom (UK Section)

Student Campaign Forum
University of North London Students Union

Suffice to say that this is not exactly a good cross-section of society. And what’s with some of these groups? The campaign for nuclear disarmament is protesting a war that in part has as its goal the prevention of nuclear proliferation? The Campaign against Racism and Fascism is opposing a war to get rid of a racist, fascist dictator?

Oh, and on ANSWER’s site, they list the coalition members organizing protests.

OK. In this article discussing an idiotic action by A.N.S.W.E.R., they indicate that A.N.S.W.E.R. was involved (with three other groups) in organizing the San Francisco rally, but was not involved with the New York rally (and the article is silent on any other rally).

See? I told you I didn’t dream it.

Oh, and Sailor: It would seem that the disconnect between what I think and what is really happening isn’t as large as you suggested, huh?

Here are a few more to add to Sam’s randomly selected list.

Jewish Voice for Peace
NETWORK, a National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
New York Coalition for Peace & Justice
Pax Christi USA
The Shalom Center
Veterans For Peace

What do you mean, “Randomly Selected”? I went to the web site for the Stop the War Coalition, and cut and pasted their list of affiliate organizations. I didn’t leave a single one off.

Do I think this represents ALL of the organizations involved in the peace marches? Of course not. I imagine the Podunk rally was partly organized by Podunkians for Peace, or some such group. There are plenty of other organizations that were involved.

Well actually, should someone who just takes from society while giving nothing back be eligible to vote? Don’t they just vote for people who put more money in their pockets?

Does anyone know what these group leaders salaries are? Surely they can’t be doing all of this work for free.

Look, people. The OP asked for a factual answer. Eventually, one was given.

“I think…” and “I suspect…” have limited value here.

If you want to give speculation loaded with personal political commentary, list organizations that you wish to desribe as “confused” or quote websites that blame female horse populations for giving birth to carnivores, do it somewhere else, OK?

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