Who's protesting the war tomorrow?

In case some of you don’t know, there are going to be huge protests all over the world tomorrow, Saturday, February 15. Wherever you are, there’s probably one near you. I’m going to the one in NY, which should be pretty exciting. They’ve refused to give a marching permit, but a lot of people are going to want to march anyway. Too bad the weather’s going to be terrible - we’ll get a lot less people. Anyone else going?

I had a guy invite me to go tomorrow, I would if I didn’t already have plans.

Protest date!

I’m still debating. Right now it’s a toss up between the war protest and the Knoxville Humane Society volunteer orientation and working on the paper that needs to be written.

Likely I’ll end up going to the protest - the orientation is held every month and doesn’t require pre-registration, and the paper will get done.

Not me. The socialist press are really hyping the protest in the UK - half a million expected in London, per the BBC. That’s approximately 1% of the entire UK population. I’ll open the betting at 1/10th of that.

I’ll be at the one in NY. Anyone want to meet up somewhere?

We are having the protests spread over the whole weekend here in Australia, beginning yesterday evening in Melbourne

In Brisbane the rally is on Sunday the 16th, beginning at 11am at the Roma Street Forum. I will be attending that. My oldest son belongs to a group involved in the organising.

By the look of the initial response, the Australian public is turning out in force.

I’ll be at the Chicago one, with at least one friend and hopefully more (2200 W. Devon Ave., at high noon, for anyone else interested).

I’ll be there. London. Uk. Just about everyone I know will be going. Then on to a wicked party afterwards. Feeling all excited. Virtue and hedonism all within 24 hours. I only hope it makes a difference.

Peace :slight_smile:

Is there a website that lists where some of the protests are being organized? I hadn’t heard about it until this thread.

I would, but I haven’t got a ride to either Lansing or Detroit. That and it’s my brother’s birthday. :frowning:

The website is: www.unitedofrpeace.org

I still teetering. It is supposed to snow tomorrow. . .

Mr. Spooks and I will be heading on up to Santa Fe, our state capital, tomorrow at noon to join in the rally. Hope we have a good turnout. The one in NYC sounds like it will be pretty huge.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

I went to the one in Melbourne last night (Friday 14th) and it was awe-inspiring. While official counts of the turn-out put the crowd at around 200,000, from my position there were people as far as the eye could see. I reckon it could have been many, many more. For a city of only 3 million or so, it was a huge and heartening response.

The organisers started off the proceedings with sounds of air-raid sirens, and I must admit it sent extreme shivers up my spine. And the one-minute silence was incredible…so many people and the only sound was the media choppers overhead.

There were old people and little kids and hippies and businessmen and there were religious groups and ethnic councils and trade-unions and students and I felt like a part of something really strong yesterday. As was said at the starting rally by Sen. Stott-Despoyja…It may be Bush’s war, it may be Blair’s war and it may be Howard’s war, but this is not Australia’s war. Let’s just hope that these leaders take note of the power and vehemence of the opposition to their plans. Somehow though, I don’t think they are gonna listen.