Who created this awesome Star Wars trophy?

This is the official trophy of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards.

I’m trying to make a similar trophy – in terms of size, material, and complexity – for a film I’m directing.

I contacted Atom.com, who runs the awards, to ask who their manufacturer is. They referred me to Lucasfilm, who really runs the awards. They wouldn’t tell me.

I explained to them that I wasn’t trying to copy their Star Wars trophy. I simply admired the craftsmanship and wanted to give the company my business in creating my own unique trophy. Not only would I pay, but I would thank the company, and Lucasfilm, in the film’s credits.

They still refused to tell me, and weren’t very nice about it.

So I’m hoping some Dopers know about this award or maybe even won it, or work for Atom or Lucasfilm, and can tell me which company makes the trophies. If the information can’t be public for whatever reason, I’ll gladly accept a private message and swear to keep the info secret.

Thanks for your help, and may the Force be with you.

I’m going to say that a couple of Star Wars toys, a little plastic cylinder, some wrinkled paper foil for the popcorn, a bit of glue to hold it together, a wooden base and a can of golden spray paint should do the trick. Any arts and crafts shop will tell you more.

No idea on the manufacturer of that award, but if it helps, Billings Artworks in Ridgway, Colorado makes the Grammy Awards and R.S. Owens & Company in Chicago makes the Oscars and the Emmys (this is all per Wikipedia). So either one of those companies could make something comparable. But if what you want is a one-time thing, it’s going to be expensive. (Perhaps you might see what’s available off the shelf from one of the trophy manufacturers?)

Thanks for the info so far. But I really want to use the company that makes the Star Wars Fan Film trophies.

Considering it’s Lucasfilm, I would imagine they have their own fabrication facilities within ILM, and no doubt utilised them.

You might try posting your question at The Model Clubhouse forum; lots of knowledgeable sci-fi geeks there:


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