Who designed the SS's uniforms?

It’s probably not very politick to ask this, but…who designed the uniforms of the Schutzstaffel—the German SS?

Was it just some nameless committee, or was there some grim-faced Schneiderführer who came up with the designs?

I read once in a local newspaper that the SS uniforms were actually modeled after the uniform of the New Jersey State Police, of all things - apparently a Nazi official visited the state at some point and was impressed by their uniform. I haven’t been able to find a cite for this on Google though.

Try this site.

Ive been curious myself of the whole Nazi art/design thing. Again, probably not PC but from a graphic viewpoint cool and effective. I would have thought Hitler, being an artist, would have done this purposefully.

“Next to torture, art persuades faster”

“Who designed the SS’s uniforms?”

Coco Chanel.

Well…she should have!

In a movie called “Max” I recently rented it is Hitler himself while still a struggling artist in the military who designed all the uniforms and insigna.
Possibly artistic liscence, but I thought I’d throw it out there.
Decent movie, by the way. John Cusak mails it in but the guy playng Hitler was pretty good.

Hugo Boss manufactured them, but there’s no indication they were designed in-house.

I hear German military uniforms were designed for style by movie studios over ability to function as a decent uniform.