Who did Dorothy Zbornak refer to as the "anti-Trump"?

On one episode of The Golden Girls Dorothy Zbornak very excitedly referred to the celebrity guest start as being a national treasure and the “anti-Trump”. What episode was that and who was that celebrity? Thanks.

Merv Griffin, Season 7, Episode 17.

For historical context, Trump and Griffin were embroiled in various lawsuits against each other in the late 1980s, mostly involving the casino now known as the Trump Taj Mahal. In 1989, Phil Hartman and Rick Moranis portrayed Trump and Griffin on Saturday Night Live, mocking the conflict and Griffin’s defeat.

It also figures in pretty heavily in the faux documentary Donald Trump: The Art of the Deal, starring Johnny Depp. Unfortunately, they’ve taken it offline, so I can’t link it, just the trailer.

If it’s available elsewhere, you’ll have to look for it.

(The fact that the trailer’s up leads me to believe they didn’t pull it because of Trump.)

:slight_smile: Thank you! That’s been bugging me for the last 2 days.