Merv Griffin dead at 82

From prostate cancer.

Seemed like a really decent guy.

He did the ‘loverly bunch of coconuts’ song?

Consider my ignorance fought.

RIP Merv.

Next to Johnny Carson, Merv’s show was the one everybody wanted to appear on. Merv was a very classy gentleman, and now, like Mike Douglas, and Johnny himself, he is no longer with us.

Big part of my childhood. My mom was a HUGE Merv/Mike Douglas fan. Merv always had these wild linings in his sports coats, and because of his show, I knew at an early age I wanted to be a Gabor sister too, dammit. He also used to have another fave - Totie Fields - on very frequently.

Great guy.


I found Merv Griffin’s afternoon show the best of the afternoon talk genre (even today), partly because of his sidekick, Arthur Treacher (who was an actor before lending his name to the chain of fish and chips shops in the US).

My favorite moment was when someone (Cleveland Amory, maybe) was pushing for the end of the use of the word “whom.” Amory said, “There isn’t a sentence in the English language where you couldn’t replace ‘whom’ with 'who,” and Griffin immediately said, “Whom on the range.” Not only was it a great pun, but Amory was completely nonplussed by it.

Sorry to hear he’s gone.

Meh, I bet he’s just faking it, and will reappear on one of Andy Kaufmann’s TV shows.

Merv Griffin? Wasn’t he already dead?

No, that was Mike Douglas…

Even in death I can’t keep the two of them straight.

RIP Merv

Thank you…seriously, I too was a bit confused and was thinking, “didn’t he die a few months ago?”

Merv seemed to be not only a nice, talented guy - but man did he also have a nose for business! Wow, he sure did amass quite a few million lovely bunch of coconuts in his lifetime!

He certainly did. This melody, which Griffin originally composed as a lullaby for his son, earned him an estimated $70 million in royalties.

What is “Think!”, the theme music from “Jeopardy”?

St Clearan’s was a gem in “The Griffin Group.”

Quite a fine acquisition for an Irish American.


Other than that, I was too young to see Merv Griffin as a talk show host and performer, but I’ve always enjoyed watching Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. For these two shows alone, Merv will always be remembered. He may have made a few mistakes over the years (Ridley Scott wasn’t the first to license Monopoly), but these two simple shows have brought joy, fame, and entertainment to many people- both those who watched them, and those who appeared on them. Merv’s upcoming project before his death was another syndicated game show called Let’s Play Crosswords. At first, I thought this was rather silly, but then again, it may not be- after all, filling in letters is the idea of Wheel of Fortune. Merv was a true Renassaince man- a man with a lot of ideas, and a lot of luck, who brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. And, apparently, his name is fun to shout.

Remeber when they talked on talk shows?

Merv was plagiarizing?

A nice tribute by David Bender. I didn’t know a lot of what he relates as Merv being such a stand-up guy with freedom of airwaves, but it rings true.

I remember really liking his talkshow over others as a kid. He had more sparkle and generous wit than Cavett, Douglas, and Carson.

Decent? DECENT?!?!? This was the Elevator Killer we’re talking about here! :stuck_out_tongue:


Noooo … it’s “What is prostate cancer?”

Also responsible for Green Acres, indirectly. Eva Gabor, as mentioned above, was his closest friend and frequent guest, and on one episode she casually mentioned going to visit a friend on a farm and how she helped slop hogs which got her mink dirty and she was afraid she’d lost a diamond ring, etc., and Merv and the audience were in such hysterics that Paul Henning thought “there’s a series here— rich urbane sweet Hungarian courtesan goes to small town farm”.

Merv was sued for sexual harassment to the tune of umpteen millions by one of the great “where are they now… nah, who cares” names, Deney Terrio. Case dismissed. I read somewhere that he also owned several castles (or leases on them) that he was converting into ultra high-end Euro resorts- not sure what ever became of that. Very good friend of the Reagans as well.

I wonder what will become of his money. He had a kid, but there’s hundreds of millions of bucks there- more than enough for his great-great-great-grandchildren to still have a taste on just a fraction- so hopefully he’ll go philanthropic ala Carson.

He couldn’t even lurk any more!

As long as you brought up the subject, having lived in West Hollywood, I had heard many rumors that Merv did indeed like to have only young men at his pool parties. It seemed to be common knowledge back then.

Then again, I confused his death with that of Mike Douglas, so feel free to ignore this tidbit.

Green Acres was actually a television adaptation of Henning’s radio show Granby’s Green Acres, on CBS in 1950. But maybe he got the idea of casting Eva Gabor from her appearance on Merv Griffin’s show.

BTW, courtesan? :confused: