Who did 'Everyday's a Holiday'?

KXLU, a college station in L.A., played Everyday’s a Holiday back in the early-'80s. I have the album, but it’s packed away in the storage unit. Who did it?

*Went down to the beach and smoked some ‘sense’
They all laughed 'cause I knew what it meant
Everyday’s a holiday!
(Everyday’s a holiday!)
Everyday’s a holiday!
(Everyday’s a holiday!)
Everyday’s a holiday!

And night time’s a party, too.*

As the pirate said about the steering wheel in his trousers, ‘Arrr! It’s drivin’ me nuts!’

I know it wasn’t The Jazz Butch Conspiracy. It certainly wasn’t Seventeen Pygmies. (Those are a couple of albums I bought at the same time.) Seems to me the band that did Every Day’s a Holiday had a sort of offbeat name. Or maybe I’m (not-) remembering wrong.

I tried googling the title and the few lyrics I remember, but I’m not finding anything. Of course if someone comes up with it I’ll :smack: myself when I read the name.

Well, I looked on ubl.com, which is awesome for stuff like this, and all I found was a Delaney Bramlett song from 77, which probably wouldn’t have made college radio, and something by the Dave Rave Group, from the late 80’s, which is outside the time parameters.

ubl.com, though, is the balls.

No, that’s not the name. Maybe what I heard was a cover? I’ve e-mailed the music director at KXLU, but I’m not hopeful since it’s been so long since they played it a lot. Being a college station, the DJs are long-graduated.

No reply from KXLU. I still don’t know who did this song.