Who did you "side with" this election?

I just got reminded of the existence of ISideWith.com, and took the quiz this year. I wound up with a much higher correlation than I have in any year before. I 97% agree with Clinton, 97% with Sanders, 46% with Kasich, 25% with Trump, and 15% with Cruz.

I wonder if it’s like this for others–more corelation with the side you prefer, and less with the side you don’t. So I decided to make a poll. It’s more nuanced than asking who is on top. **Please vote for all five current candidates. **

I considered also asking who you sided with most, but decided against it due to already having so many poll options. Who you are closest to isn’t as interesting to me as how close you are to them.

Link does not work, I think this one will:

My results: 95% Sanders, 93% Clinton, 21%Trump, 19% Ted Cruz. Did not show any results for Kasich BTW.

Was also about to offer a working link.

100% Clinton; 97% Sanders; 61% Kasich; 28% Cruz; 5% Trump. Voted.

100% (!) Sanders, 97% Clinton, 51% Kasich, 21% Cruz, 16% Trump.

97% Sanders, 93% Clinton, 70% Kasich, 41% Trump, 21% Cruz

Interesting that my results are not all that different for any candidate, especially seeing the wide spreads other people are reporting.
83 Hillary, 79 Sanders, 73 Kasich, 70 Cruz, 67 Trump

Frankly, those numbers seem high. I feel more like I should be subtracting 50 from each of them… but the overall ordering is probably correct.

I am the usual nonconformist…although I didn’t go in-depth and answer the extra questions for each issue.

Clinton 92%, Sanders 92%, Kasich 61%, Trump 52% (really???), Cruz 44%.

Note that my results from the website are not the same as in the poll above; I did a subjective vote in that before I actually went to the website.

Full results:

Clinton 92%, Sanders 92%, Jill Stein 88%, Gary Johnson 84%, John McAfee 66%, Kasich 61%, Austin Petersen 53%, Trump 52%, Darryl W. Perry 51%, Cruz 44%.

94 Bernie
93 Hillary
91 Jill Stein
68 Gary Johnson
53 Trump
21 Cruz

Doh! There is a “Show all candidates” button at the end of the ones being shown, Kasich appears there for me at 56%, Jill Stein of the Green Party shows at 86%.

Bernie 99%
Hillary 97%
Stein 97%
Johnson 75%
Kasich 60%
Trump 23%
Cruz 18%

Clinton 99%, Sanders 98%.

Not very informative!

Actually quite informative. It seems of note to me that no one so far has their spread between Sanders and Clinton greater than 4, very closely clustered. Yet the difference between Sanders and Trump or Cruz is, with so far only one person as an exception, over 40.

Huh. Eh?

Yip. The reason I was reminded of this website was someone saying something similar. They mentioned the website as evidence that there’s not really all that much difference between Sanders and Clinton on the issues.

I was just surprised my score was above 95% on anyone. So, despite what people say about this election, for me it’s actually a pretty good one. No matter how it shapes out, I can vote for someone who agrees with me 98%.

I do wish they’d also have a list that told you where you disagree with the candidates, though. When you agree at 98%, a list of where you disagree is far more useful.

Edit: And thanks, GIGO. That’s what I get for not testing the link.

96% Hillary Clinton
95% Sanders
71% Gary Johnson
57% Kasich
54% Ted Cruz
12% Donald Trump

Go Ted Go!
(To see Kasich, click “See all candidates”.)

I am very curious how you got Cruz to not only be higher than Trump, but buy such a large margin, and yet still have Clinton and Sanders so high. You’d think you’d have to be a conservative to get Cruz so high.

98% - Bernie
96% - Hillary
96% - Jill Stein
84% - Gary Johnson
54% - Kasich
24% - Cruz
24% - Trump

You can alter the results dramatically if you take the time to “weight” each question (left hand column), and choose “some other stance” to personalize your answers.

Sanders 92%

Clinton 90%

Stein 90%

McAfee 72%

Johnson 68%

Perry 63%

Petersen 59%

Kasich 31%

Cruz 19%

Trump 17%

Of those, the only ones I’d consider voting for are Clinton and Sanders, with Clinton being my first choice. The others are either fringe-party lunatic (Stein the Green and all the Libertarians between Stein and Kasich) or mainstream lunatic (every Republican) on one or more issues I care about, and I’m not a fan of Sanders’ positions on nuclear power and GMO foods.

It’s funny, though: I actually expected Trump to be higher than Cruz, given that Trump’s positions are so scattershot and Cruz is Ayatollah Kochmani. They’re both down in the noise, but it’s still interesting.

John McAfee - 85%
Darryl W. Perry - 80%
Gary Johnson - 80%

Ted Cruz - 79%
Bernie Sanders - 71%
Donald Trump - 67%
Hillary Clinton - 61%
John Kasich - 53%

For Donald Trump to be above 50%, it’s clear that I could not give sufficient weight to certain policies. You really can’t oversell my opposition to certain things like torture as a means of gathering intelligence unless the question is “Should a President who supports this policy be executed by firing squad, or by being burned alive?”

Sanders 95%
Clinton 93%
Trump 37%
Cruz 30%

Not terribly surprised except for…Ted Cruz?!