Who DIDN'T make it to Midnight?


I was so tired from working at that crapbox they call Kmart that I went to bed at quarter to 11 and fell right to sleep.
I didn’t even wake up when the neighbors were shooting off firecrackers.

I was in bed by 11:30. Had to get up and come to work today.

Heck, I went to bed at 9, just barely woke up when the neighbors came out and started firing their guns (around here it’s guns, not firecrackers. Really. :rolleyes: )

[touchy-feely hijack]
Guin, I feel impelled to ask you, [kindly patting her hand] why on earth do you work at K-Mart? Are there no other jobs available where you are? You sound totally miserable every time the subject of K-Mart comes up. I know this isn’t “hold my hand” MPSIMS, but still I feel sorry for you. I’ve done my share of aggravating pink-collar jobs (Burger King, etc.) and I’ve been where you are, albeit with hamburger grease in my hair.

Perhaps a New Year’s resolution? Tell Martha’s corporate bed partners to take their sucky job and shove it? Every time I go in Wal-Mart they’re having Team Meetings. You could join the Wal-Mart Team, and get a nifty blue pinney to wear. :rolleyes:
[/touchy-feely hijack]

Me. I was going to be social, but by the time 8:00 rolled around I was feeling tired and cranky. So I blew off the party I was supposed to go to and an offer to go see Mike Watt play at the Filmore for free and instead curled up in bed. The commotion woke me up at about 12:10 :slight_smile: .

New Year’s always has a negative feel to me, anyway. I’ve worked the last 13 in a row. Taking tickets for the Grateful Dead show ( first three ). Or at my current Snivel Service job in a miserable neighborhood where I’m exposed to fusillades of skyward directed gunfire and the occasional sound of spent bullets plinking on the tarmac around me :frowning: . For some strange reason I’ve come to associate New Year’s with mayhem :smiley: .

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Thanks, DDG.

Seriously, I would LOVE to find another job-only problem is, the only places that seem to be hiring are places just like Kmart-busy corporate grocery stores and Walmarts and the like. It’s like, I’m looking EVERYWHERE to find a nice job, but NO ONE is hiring. I even applied at the Halmark, even though it would mean a paycut-I didn’t get the job. And from what I hear about Walmart-they’re even worse! So it’s not Kmart so much as retail in general. They’re all like that. So I only work one day a week, although because the bastard corporates demanded we cut staff, I’ll probably have to put in an extra day because now we’re understaffed.


Well…I did see a help wanted sign down at the Carnegie library…I think I’ll see about an application-if I can get the bus there.

It’s just that right now, I need the job. And until I find a better one, this is where I’m stuck. I’m not elligible for work study. None of the places I want to work-like some bookstores and small clothing shops are even hiring.

One good thing-in April, I have an unpaid internship coming up at the Heinz Regional History Center. It’s a foot in the door-I’m hoping to get a job there after my internship is complete.

Thanks DDG-I really do appreciate it. But Walmart, at least as far as I can tell, wouldn’t be much better. Every time I go in there, it’s an absolute nightmare.

I didn’t even try.

When the lead news story was a cute animal thing, the night looked to long to wait up for.

Went to a get-together at the youth minister’s house and played Outburst for 2 hours, until the youth minister accused his wife of cheating. Then we watched a movie. I left after the movie was over and was sound asleep by 11:30 :rolleyes: .

I only slept 2 hours after working all night Saturday night. With the alcohol consumed while enjoying the company on #straightdope I was pretty done for by 22:00, I went to sleep. Woke up at 3 or 4 to find out I should have bothered to watch the end of the Independence Bowl, but oh well.


I was in bed by 10:30. Not only am I fighting off a cold, but I had to catch a 7:15 flight in the morning.

[insert thumbs-up emoticon]
'Kay. :slight_smile: If it helps, you are not alone. Other people have to go through this, too. [sigh]
Curse you, Rastahomie! You drop a perfectly fascinating bombshell like, “…until the youth minister accused his wife of cheating”, and then you don’t tell us what happened next? May your VCR chew up the last 15 minutes of your copy of 101 Dalmatians, so you never do find out whether the puppies get rescued. Hah!

I spent New Year’s Eve day helping my brother Andy move from his apartment to his new house.


But by that evening, I was so tired that I collapsed into bed.

LOL! At the game, DDG! I’m quite sure he meant cheating at the game! :slight_smile: FTR, my speech class (6 people) had to play this game every day for an hour, for two months solid. By the end, the entire class could identify exactly what the person was getting at within about 5 seconds. With a bit of practice, I’m sure my ‘talent’ would come back. :smiley:

As one would expect, I was up till 2 or 3 (don’t really remember) getting my drink on. I didn’t remember eating that many tacos, but my vomit doesn’t lie! :wink:


Cheating at the game, DDG, the game! Not cheating on him! :eek:

What happened next was uneventful: she denied it, copped a sheepish grin and turned bright pink. Then we finished (my team was only 4 or 5 points away from winning anyway) the game and he boxed it up without asking if we wanted to play anymore :rolleyes:. So then Mrs. Youth Minister says “Who wants to watch The Princess Bride?”, and we all went and watched the movie.

Sorry if I misled you.

I got up for it, even though I was running a fever of 104 and couldn’t move without every bone in my body being in agony. Kissed the wife (on the cheek, but she caught it anyway), watched Iron Chef, and went back to bed.

I was rereading “Alice in Wonderland” (‘vorpal sword’ came up in conversation, and I brought out the book to have another go at persuading my son he’s missing major quotable lines & whimsy if he doesn’t read it), and fell alseep at the table 'bout 3 pages from the end–didn’t even hear the neighbor’s airhorn. Eric & his friend woke me up 7 minutes into the millennium, I tossed together some eggnog, swigged it down, finished “Alice” and toddled off to bed.

Dreamed about White Rabbits, cabbages and kings all night…

Damnit, my wife just IMd me at work, she’s going to the ER, has a fever of 104.2. I tend to run high fevers when I am sick so it wasn’t such a big deal when I was that sick, but she hardly ever runs a fever at all. What a crummy new year.

Went to a party aimed at kids. They celebrated the NY a 9 p.m. We left by 9:30, and I’m sure I was dead to the world by 10:30. I hear there were fireworks, but I slept thru them.
I prefer to go to sleep early, because every NY Day we start off by going to the Garfield Park Conservatory bright and early. On the way, we count all the cracked up cars by the side of the Ike.

I got back from my grandmother’s around 3 pm Sunday, found out that one of my roommates had tried to commit suicide on Friday, and then spent the next six hours at the hospital. I came home and fell asleep on the couch by 9:30. What a new year.

I went to bed around eleven. But I got up at 3 AM because the cretins in my neighborhood were playing their music so loud the walls shook. So Pucette and I folded up our futon and moved it out of the bedroom and into my little room, away from the street. At least we got back to sleep.

Yee haw.

No, no, I understood perfectly well from the context that he accused her of cheating at the game. But I think that’s MUCH more interesting than the other. So, I take it, from her blush, that she WAS cheating at Outburst, and he caught her redhanded? What a fascinating whirl of human emotions. The minister’s wife who feels impelled to cheat at cards, so to speak (why would she do that?), her husband the minister who feels impelled to publicly accuse her (why would he do that? does she do this all the time, and he’s fed up?), the embarrassed bystanders. It’s as good as a play.

So, what do YOU think? Was she cheating?