Who do Dopers Look Like in Your Mind?

Question: Er… are we allowed to say it if we think they look like non-human cartoon characters?

What? Why is everyone looking at me like that?

Esprix is sandy-haired, wears a football jersey and torn jeans, and his tennis shoes could use some white-out. And he’s always pushing his hair out of his eyes.

What do I look like?

Bea Lillie is described as: “…utterly mad” and others credited her vocal ability to “drunken fairies(who had) hit her over the head with a golden hammer,” Hmm! I’d never heard of her, but so far, I like her style!

Eats Crayons: Yes, as I have already been likened to the hen from a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon.

Stccrd: I can’t tell if you’re a man or a woman, but you look good in formalwear.

Ah, actually, the little Bee Girl was cute! She wore this little Queen Bee ballerina too too thing, stocking cap, striped stockings and tap shoes, and she had braids and glasses. You know, the geeky kid-who you know is actually pretty cool and certain to blossom into a beauty when she gets older?

(I’m not telling anyone how I look now-I want to see what interesting descriptions I get! Dopers who know-DON’T TELL!)

I always picture Eve with her hair upswept, in an elegant 1940s suit and pumps, puffing on a cigarette holder with manicured nails. And vintage copies of Vogue piled around her.

I’d say so!

Suddenly Eats_Crayons looks like little Ralphie Wiggum.

Heck, even the name screams R.W.

Okay, then… (please no one be offended)

Lieu looks to me like Mike, the round green guy from Monsters Inc. Something to do with the bathroom posts and because I expect him to have Billy Crystal’s voice from the SNL skit: “Oo, I hate it when that happens.”

Come to think of it, that probably isn’t far off from “a young Peter Lorre”…

FairyChatMom looks like Glenda, the Good Witch of the North.

CrankyAsAn OldMan looks like Yosemite Sam

Eutychus looks like Disney’s version of the Mad Hatter but much taller.

Anthracite looks like Alanis Morissette

Libertarian has almost shoulder-length dark hair and wears a suede jacket all the time… His eyes are very merry, but he can cut you down with the arch of an eyebrow. YIKES! It’s my first husband!

Diogenes is a little on the short size with a large head and lots of black hair. He laughs a lot and has an air of confidence which can border on becoming a swagger when he walks. He is very cuddly and women are wild about him.

His4Ever has long brown hair, a beautiful complexion with a few freckles, and pouty lips. She could lose about ten pounds.

Well i do dress in lots of black.

Does this mean i get to wear a monicle?

OK, I admit it. I don’t even know how many of you guys know me, but I’ve got to ask what I look like.

I’m lousy at visualization, but I’ll give it a shot.

Iampunha is a skinny guy, all arms and legs, with a grin which dazzles people.

Guinastasia is about, oh, 5’5, I’d say, kind of frizzy brown hair, normally pretty expressionless, but she can surprise you with a look.

Polycarp, you may call me sister, but my vision of you is nothing like what I look like. I’d picture you on the tall side of medium height, solid as a rock, not in a muscular sense, but in a way that’s tied to flesh and bone, if that makes any sense. There may also be a slight resemblance to Robert Heinlein there.

Eve is dark and mysterious, kind of close to Morticia Adams as played by Angelica Huston.

Hmm. I tend to assume most people are kind of ordinary looking except for something in their smiles or auras, and that goes back to describing personality, not appearance.

Osip, I’ll tell you one thing. I suspect you’re one of those guys who are a bear to fence against because your arms are so long!

Dinsdale is another solid type, kind of like the father in a 1950’s sitcom, maybe a bit like Robert Young?

I also, for some reason, picture Qadgop wearing aviator goggles and having frizzy hair. There’s also a custom spacesuit nearby so he can go slithering on the transship hull, and that, my friends, I can hear!


Oh, and collectively, the Moderators look like Sam, the American Eagle from the Muppets (because he always wanted the show to be “decent and morally upright”).

Well, as it turns out, Kalhoun, I am a guy. And it is odd how you know that I formalwear is my forte… The whole business-no-nonsense look is what I typically like…

All the male posters look like the Comic Book Guy on the Simpson’s. If they are female, they look like that except with long hair.

Except for you with the face. She looks like Angela Davis and Foxy Brown rolled into one. :wink:

I don’t have anything to add, but since he’s here I’m interested in Kalhoun’s screen name. Does it come from where I think it comes from? Daniel Amos?

Gaudere is a bodacious redhead who wears little black string bikinis all the time, even though she’s smarter than you.

David B is Jeff Goldblum in a dirty white shirt.

How butch! :wink: (But not altogether untrue…)


I usually have pictures in my head of the posters, except for now, when I want to describe them.

Except that superbee looks like Super Gnat from the Phule’s Company novel series.