Who do Dopers Look Like in Your Mind?

I know that we know what some people look like, but I always get a picture of a person in my head, and am usually disappointed when I see them in real life, because it is nothing like I had imagined.

Firinstance…Eve looks like Judy Holiday.

Lieu doesn’t look like anyone famous, but he wears an army jacket and a baseball cap.

Polycarp give me a Henry Fonda feeling.

Ivylass, I am certain, has dimples.

I have more, but they usually come to me as I’m reading someone’s post.

Anyone else out there do this?

In my mind UncleBeer wears an eyepatch, walks with a pronounced limp, combs all of his hair straight forward, favors pastel colored Hawaiian shirts, refuses to wear pants without “Hello Kitty” characters sewn over the crotch, wears on Air Jordan and one penny loafer, and constantly regales crowds with loud impersonations of zoo animals.

Ooooh…he sounds so hot!

I’ll be damned if I know why, but I always picture Billy Rubin as kind of a humanized version of Papa Smurf.

And superbee is really that girl from the Blind Melon video.

The most vivid mental image I have is of Lynn Bodoni. In my mind she’s about 5’11", with angular cheekbones and arched eyebrows. Somewhere between a vulcan and a LOTR elf. She carries herself calmly, but can make a grown man run out of the room just by fixing him with a direct, icy stare. You wouldn’t be surprised if she had a knife somewhere on her person. Friends describe her as a warm, loving person. Enemies don’t speak of her at all.

Fenris looks like Ferris Beuller. Probably because I misread his screen name as Ferris at first and it’s just stuck.

Guinastasia, most certainly, is a brunette. I don’t know why.

Guinastasia is tall, green-eyed, and wears a trenchcoat. And dark glasses. And pointy shoes.

Giraffe: Interestingly enough, your description is actually fairly close to what Eve looks like (although she’s described herself as looking like the love child of Cher and Frank Zappa)…

I’m just nosy enough to have gone looking for all the places people have posted pictures of themselves, so I actually know what a lot of my favorite dopers look like. For the most part, they look like the cross-section of humanity you’ll find in any large call center, so that’s what I picture the ones I haven’t been able to find pictures of to look like.

For anyone who wants to picture me - i am, of course, very hunky.

So Eve actually looks like that? wow - thats spooky because that was kinda how i pictured her.

Naaaahhh…Eve is definitely Judy Holiday. In the movie, I vaguely remember her wearing glasses. I’m sure she’d know which one I’m talking about.

Eve wears high-heeled pedestals, size 6 1/2.

Aw fer goodness sake . . . Bea Lillie, maybe, or (on a real bad day) Margaret Hamilton. But Judy Holliday? In my dreams!

I picture lieu as a young Peter Lorre; Kalhoun as Foghorn Leghorn; Mulli (for some reason) as a Dylan McDermott type; belladonna as Pola Negri; garius as a WWII evil Nazi villain from a Warner Brothers movie.

That’s it. You’re off the pedestal.

Foghorn Leghorn! I say…I say…Dang, Woman! Ih’m much closer to the little Chicken Hawk than I am to that smooth southern gentleman! Besides, I’m a woman. I say.

Hey—Peter Lorre was cute when he was young!

Sorry, Kalhoun—I guess then you look like the hen in the poke-bonnet who goes, “A MAY-un!”

Holy shit! Yer killin’ me!

zev steinhart is an older gentlemen, slightly grayed hair, with glasses that are relatively small, and when they are on, give him the essence of great wisdom and knowledge. He is not really thin, but not gargantuan. The man is very astute, and has the look of an experienced scholar.

Would someone much hipper than me please let me know if I’m s’posed to be flattered or pissed…
belladonna always reminds me of Stevie Nicks. In a normal, sane, kind of way.

Cajunman reminds me of Justin Wilson, or whatever that guys name was. Troooly wondermous.

Davewoo71 is an aged, Japanese guy wearing a kamikaze helmet and two days beard growth.

Superbee, if it was ME, I’d be pissed (in a playful sort of way!)