Who do you wish you had seen that's no longer alive?

Inspired by this thread. I’ve seen tons of great shows over the years, but there are a few that dammit, I sure wish I could have seen that were either a little before my time or I just never made it out when they came around:

Jimi Hendirx
Muddy Waters
Tom Petty
David Bowie

Those are the big ones that I regret not having seen. If I got a one time shot at a time machine to see only one of them, it would have to be Jimi, but at least he was before my time. Missing out on Petty and Prince - that’s on me. Object lesson here kids, don’t wait for next year…

Martin Gardner. Though by “seen”, I’d mean I wish I’d had the chance to have a nice lengthy chat with him over tea.

I like to seen the ebatleswhen they played the hollywood bowl. ilike toseen the original stones with brian jones. i like to seen aactul dinosar before they became exstint.:eek:

I passed on SRV at The Hollywood Bowl. Figured I’d catch him the next time around.

Never did. :frowning:

Richard Pryor, Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughan are my top 3.

Same here, only at some hall in Boise. Damn it.


Alice in Chains - original, of course.

Maria Callas

Freddie Mercury
Les Paul

I have tickets to see Jeff Lynne and ELO in two weeks, having missed out on my only two prior chances to see them: the last time they toured the US was in 1982, and while my friend and I dearly wanted to go, we were only 17, and we couldn’t convince our parents to let us drive from Green Bay to Milwaukee to see them. I had tickets to see ELO when they had announced a US tour in 2001, but the tour was cancelled due to low sales.

So, I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Jeff doesn’t catch a bug between now and the 15th, since he’s the last one on my musical bucket list. :smiley:

I had tickets to see The Who and one month before the show, John Entwistle died. They still performed, but I feel I didn’t really see the Who proper (Keith Moon would have been cool see, but he was before my time and they were still a legit band after he was gone).

I was on transfer to Chicago and we saw that Stevie Ray Vaughn was coming to town. A friend of mine and I considered going but passed. He ended up dying on his way to that concert. Not really a big fan, but he was a legend and I just missed him.

Just a few months before Hairspray was released, Divine was making an appearance at my favorite indie video store. I actually lived 80 miles away and decided I really didn’t feel like making the drive. A few months later, he was dead. I will regret that to my dying days. I’ve since met John Waters and Mink Stole.

Not a close call, but I really wish I’d been able to see Roy Orbison perform and I would have loved to have met William S Burroughs and Christopher Lee…

Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison would be my top three…George Carlin and John Belushi would be next…

Oh, and Duane Allman, I first saw the ABB in 1979, but Duane was killed in 1971…

James Brown. I’ve watched clips of his shows on youtube and he was awesome. I also wish I seen a few more Prince shows.

Would have loved to have seen the premier of Rhapsody in Blue with George Gershwin on piano.

More realistically, I had tickets a few years ago to see Ennio Morricone conducting an orchestra in Brooklyn, but he cancelled for health reasons. He’s still alive, but at his age I don’t know if he’d make another North American tour.

Peter Paul and Mary played a concert here not too long before Mary Travers passed away. I couldn’t interest anyone in going and I should have just gone by myself.

They are one of the reasons I picked up a guitar all those years ago.

Billie Holiday, mainly. But I would have had to have seen her when I was 7 or 8 years old.

Howlin’ Wolf.

Forgot to mention in the other thread that I did see Les Paul. My buddy treated me to a show at the Iridium for my 50th birthday (2002).

John Lennon.

The Beatles and The Doors for sure.

I’m hanging onto hopes that I still may see Paul in Montreal this fall. I’d be a tub of jello.

I would’ve loved to see The Beatles in concert. But John Lennon died before I was even born.

Queen with Freddie Mercury. I hurried through an exam at university to watch the tribute concert.