Who does the pre-interviews on the Howard Stern show?

My Google skills are failing me on this one. If you watch Howard TV, before every interview with Howard, there is a guy asking the guests questions before they go on the show.

Here is an example with Tina Fey.

Who is the guy asking the questions? I know Lisa G is standing next to him with a microphone, but I can’t figure out who the guy behind the camera is.

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Will Murray does the preinterviews IIRC.

Right, Will Murray does a lot of them (I’m not sure he does them all). He’s a produced for the radio show.

But that’s different then what Lakais referring to. Will does research on folks and interviews them ahead of time to have info and a list of topics of stuff that Howard can bring up when he’s interviewing the guest.

Lakai’s referring to someone that’s asking Tina Fey questions on camera before she goes in to talk to Howard. It’s someone who works for Howard TV (they’re filming her as part of the daily show they produce for the shows they broadcast on In Demand). The voice sounds familiar, but I can’t place it.

I read on Wikipedia that Will Murray does the pre-interviews, but I don’t think they were referring to the filmed hallway interviews.

Nobody knows?

I think it may be Gregg Karmel.

I think you’re right. The only thing I can find about him on Google is that he made Lisa G cry when he told her to stop asking questions during his interviews.