Who eats chicken feet?

Anyone eat chicken feet? I think it is served in some Chinese restaurants. Someone is making a complaint about a chicken foot being found in a Burger King chicken sandwich. Is this really a bad thing?

Depends on whether it was cooked properly or not :wink:

It’s a popular dish around here. That, and feet from other birds (the second most common being duck’s feet). Mmm… Yum…

China bambina loves chicken feet, as do the entire Chinese side of her family. I eat the occaisional one. Not bad, but just not a lot of meat down there.

The US exports something like 2 billion chicken feet a year to China. One importer was lamenting the fact that unlike most animals, chickens only have two feet:)

I’ve had chicken feet as a dim sum dish. Not bad, albeit bony. Spitting those little chicken knuckle bones out on the plate: ping! ping! ping! ping! :slight_smile:

The first time I tried it at a dim sum place it was a disaster. Then another time I went with some Chinese friends. They told me the trick was to just tuck the whole thing in your mouth, chew it up, spit out the bones. Then it tastes fine. Not that it would ever be the first thing that I’d order if I were really hungry…

I’ve seen chicken feet in the carnecrias in L.A also and thought the hispanic population used it for soup

So if anyone does know what they use them for id be obliged …

Depends how it’s cooked. Basically, it’s chicken skin - you can stew it in all sorts of sauces - curry. soy sauce and garlic, etc, etc. You suck the skin and the sauce off, and spit out the bones. No big deal.

I tried some on a dare about 6 months ago. I kinda liked them. They were chewy and bony but they were pretty good to much one. It is hard to get full on them so they would make a good appetizer for football games or for a Weight Watcher’s dinner.

I like duck feet and goose feet better (it’s the gelatinous webbing that you chew off, then spit out the toes), but chicken feet , sometimes called dragon claws are OK.

I actually took a platter of looed (red-cooked, or simmered in rice wine, soy, ginger/garlic and master sauce) to ab Anti-Valentines Day party two years ago. Even the most squeamish Middle Americans were suckin’ em down by night’s end.

I always order at least one chicken feet dish at yum cha. I like the taste, and I’m not put off by the thought of it -the only thing I don’t like is all those damn little bones. The almost make this stuff more trouble than it’s worth -a bit like crab or lobster. I’m not a big fan of “fiddly” food.

Well, it’s a bit like eating crabs. You can spend a couple of hours in company eating the stuff and chatting… and then you’re ready for dinner cuz there ain’t no meat there!

Poor southerners used to eat chicken feet all the time. They have decreased in popularity as incomes have risen, but I still see them for sale sometimes. My mother (a daughter of sharecroppers) used to eat them all the time.

I think there is a whole section of the supermarket that just exists for Fraternities and Sororities to shop for pledge food.

Dim sum’s not dim sum without some chicken feet! :smiley: