Chicken in a can!

It’s what’s for dinner!

I love grossing people out.


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I’m from the southern good ol USofA. Chicken in a can and pig’s feet (in flavors, even, bbq, jalapeno)are on grocery store shelves right along with other gourmet delights such as spam, tripe, potted meat and vienna sausages. Wanna come have dinner sometimes scott evil?:smiley:

Eew. I was expecting that ‘chicken-in-a-can’ that is packaged similar to tunafish. You know, unrecognizeable cuts of meat, but still good. When I’m lazy, (which is often) I use it to make burritos. I can’t picture an ENTIRE chicken in a can. Blech!

Only if possum is on the menu. :wink:

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Flavored pig’s feet?!?!? :eek: I don’t even like the regular pig’s feet! (the ones you find sometimes in Chinese noodle dishes) Hmm… since my mom and grandma both like them, though, maybe I should tell them about it. Then again, maybe not; I can imagine my mom going to the southern US just to stock up on flavored pig’s feet! :eek:

Oh, and Scott? That is so gross! Although I shouldn’t be surprised, given that my friends and I were talking some time ago about finding gross things like that on the Internet. (such as cats stuffed in jars shaped like stars, hearts, etc.)

One of my friends was even saying that her grandpa used to drink wine that had rats (or their eyes) in it; apparently, the wine tasted better this way. (as if it wasn’t gross enough)

mm, mm, MM! Chicken in a can and some good ole mashed potatoes and gravy! Dinner’s ready come and git it! Gather 'round, younguns…Scott Evil’s gonna sing us a little ditty!

I haven’t seen those canned chickens in a long time, but my mother used to make chicken and dumplings using a canned chicken, and it was pure heaven. The pig’s feet…now that’s gross. But the chicken is just regular, stewed chicken and it saves you the whole stewing process, so what’s not to like?

Possum is a cold weather food. I’ll catch us one next fall. It takes some preparation however. It has to be caught, penned up for a while and fed cornbread to fatten the possum up. Then there’s the skinning and gutting, of course. Possum should also be slow roasted with sweet potatoes.

Maybe you could come down, say early November, for a good old fashioned roast possum supper. :stuck_out_tongue:

Swampbear – you’re frightening me. What part of dixieland are you from? Good ole Rocky Top? California’s the place you oughtta be!

pbrtallboy it’s even more frightening than you think. I’m in south Jawja, a mere three hours away from you and yourn.:eek: