Who else doesn't decorate for Christmas?

This really isn’t a bah-humbug thread, altho I find I feel that way more often than not. I’m not trash-talking those who love tinsel and lights and garland and all that. I just want to hear from others who don’t deck the halls.

We’ve lived here for 11 years and the most decorating I’ve ever done was the first year when I bought a wreath from a group doing fundraising, and I hung it beside our garage door. Since being here, we’ve always had cats, and I didn’t want to deal with cats and a tree. Plus we always go somewhere else on Christmas - either my mom’s or the inlaws’ place. Maybe if we had visitors, I might have considered making things festive, but we don’t, so I don’t.

In fact, last year, or was it the year before?? - I gave away all of our decorations except for one ornament that means a lot to my husband. Our daughter took most of them, and my sister has the rest. And that suits me just fine.

Altho I’d love to do the thing I saw in a photo - a tree in the window and another on the roof above it, suggesting a really, really tall tree! :smiley:

My wife puts a wreath on the door and maybe changes the knick-knacks.

Every year, I see the lights and ornaments shoved in my face in the stores and think "You know, maybe I should just wait until the 26th and buy a bunch of this crap cheap and put up a small tree on a table Next Year.

I’ve done this for about 30 years now.

Still don’t have a single bulb to my name.

Now: If they’d bring back those oh-so-fifties ‘bubbling lights’, I’d buy a couple of cases…

I do a wreath as well.

This year I bought a live tree made of rosemary, so I’ll give that a go. It’s maybe 2 feet tall. Curious to see if the cats nibble on it.

Otherwise, nope, I also don’t decorate. No kids, usually go away for the holiday itself, and cats.

I put out the 1’ tall fake tree with a strand of 100 lights wrapped around it (I like the lights), that’s it.

Me. I don’t decorate for any holiday. Maybe if it ever gets cold this December, I’ll decorate my bed with flannel sheets, but they’re blue, red, yellow and white. Not a stitch of green to be found.

I’m not a Christmas hater either, but I’m definitely not a seasonal decorations kind of guy.

You mean these?

I don’t decorate my place for Christmas. I live alone most the time(somehow have been stuck with my sister who has overextended her welcome), I normally don’t host anything and go elsewhere for holidays so I don’t see much point in decorating.

I might be more likely to use Christmas mugs and plates I have around during the Christmas season(I also might use them in July if I’m running low on dishes, they are in the cabinets year round)

Me. I’m too busy cashiering this time of year to be home much. And I live alone. And I’m not Christian.

I don’t decorate.
There’s not much reason to, and to tell the truth - I’m just too damned lazy.
I can enjoy putting some stuff up, but it’s no fun taking it back down. You need to carry all that crap out of storage, and then put it back in.

My neighbor will probably put a lighted wreath on my house again this year.
That will be it.

We have a small tabletop tree so the dogs won’t mess with it, and I’ve got a string of lights and some ornaments in the windows. I enjoy the lights on the tree and windows in the evening when it gets dark, and I have a holiday scented candle that we light in the evening while we enjoy our digestifs.

So, enough of us old farts were trying to re-create our childhoods, they actually put them back in production.
(Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy is also back - the old, slap-it-onto-a-hard-surface-to-shatter-it stuff is back! :D)

BUT - the base is supposed to be shaped as a saucer, not a cup, so no sale.

That’s the other thing - cleaning up after… ugh.

We don’t, except for the front door. The trees do not survive the onslaught of critters hell-bent on knocking everything down.

I finally said “screw it” to outdoor lighting (not that I ever did a whole lot, just a strand of icicle lights along the gutters.) This year I have a few lights on a spruce tree that is about eight feet high.

A few years back we got absolutely dumped on by snow right after Christmas, and I couldn’t get a ladder up to take down the lights until nearly March.

I may burn a cinnamon candle. Or bayberry. Or one of each!

Also, red tablecloth. The rest depends on if anybody’s coming over. No tree. Between the cat and the dog, just…no.

I don’t.

It’s been a rough year, topped by the death of our 14 1/2 YO Border Collie mix and my heart’s just not in it. Plus, I don’t have the energy. Maybe next year.

Me. I live alone and rent an apartment. Also, bah humbug.

finally, after 35 years of not really wanting to participate in christmas an 30 years of really NOT wanting to put up decorations…I finally get my Christmas wish. No decorations this year. Not much planned for celebrating. We recently bought some nice furniture and claimed it as our “christmas gift” to each other. No trees, no lights, no wreaths, no knick knacks. I’m enjoying it.