Who else has a job that sucks?

If anyone else has a job that sucks, you might find this article interesting. Came across this article after reading a different article by the same author. Funny stuff.


Linky no worky

Linky worky just finey for me-ey

Yeah, I don’t know what you were going for, but I don’t see much on the link.

The link worked just fine for me, but I think this thread is better suited for In My Humble Opinion. I’ll move it there from the Pit.

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Apparently, my job “rarely sucks”.

Too bad they’re cutting 25% of jobs in a couple of months.

A “Fluffer”

I think that’s what they call 'em :smiley:

Both my current and last job suck in the 1.7 range. Although they suck for different reasons.

I’m a 2.3. I thought I’d do better, considering I can surf the net quite a bit and nobody really bothers me, but the commute and the lack of lunch destinations, coupled with the fact that I have nobody at all to talk to* gives me a “your job kinda sucks” score.

*A plus, in my book.

Mine was a 2.3

2.325, Your job kinda sucks.

I’m gonna have to disagree. There should be some bonus points for total coolness of coworkers.

It was the long distance to drive, 15 miles in 20 minutes and lack of luch options that dragged me down. I don’t agree that the 20 minute drive is a problem either.