Who else has HGTV fever?

I’m addicted to this channel and my apartment looks soooo much better because of it. My favorite show is Design on a Dime (but then, if I could build my own furniture, I could make any room look great for less than a thousand bucks). Designed to Sell, Facelift, Divine Design, Rezoned, What You Get for the Money. . . if I listed all the shows I liked, this would be a very long post.

The lead designers on Designed to Sell are my favorites-- Katherine Cunningham and Lee Snijders (I think that’s how he spells his name). Along with the small blonde guy and the teddy bear guy from the show, I can’t thing of a more creative bunch of people. And a shout out to Debbie Travis and Candice Olson (who has gotta be at least 8 feet tall)-- if only I could have any one of these guys come do over my place!

Here’s a short list of the shows I don’t like-- Design Inc. (I just don’t like the host’s personality.) Buy This House and Dreamhouse.

So, does anyone else suffer from the fever?

P.S. If you watch HGTV long enough, you could end up thinking North America has nothing but inter-racial marriages and same sex couples.

I’m a long-time HGTV addict–mr.stretch will come into the room and automatically assume we are watching a home improvement show because that is the default channel when I have the remote.

Is Candice Olson the woman from Divine Design? It’s one of the shows I rarely watch–the host is too perky for my taste and the skits or whatever they are before commercials annoy me.

I also dislike Dreamhouse–ever since Bruno and his gothic house from hell. That’s how long I’ve been watching HGTV; I watched Bruno the first time. I wonder how his marriage worked out.

I like to watch Weekend Warriors. We can point and laugh at the people and make snide comments about how our projects turn out better than that.

Lately we’ve taken to watching the house flipping shows all over the dial (Flip This House, Flip That House, Flip Your Loser Neighbor’s House*). How is it possible that those folks can get building permits in the timelines they have? How do they get the inspectors there at the right times? I did enjoy watching one site get shut down because the community had rules about working nights and weekends. Screwed up the schedule and forced the flippers to get a variance, just like real people.

Yeah, I’m addicted to home improvement shows.

*Okay, I made that last one up.

Yes, Candice is from Divine Design (there’s another 8 footer on HGTV?). I like the skits, especially the little Mexican electrician.

I have HGTV on all day (except today, because Mr. K is home watching hot rod stuff). I’m an addict. I particularly like Crafters Coast to Coast and That’s Clever! I like the fact that crafting has moved over into the fine arts column in many cases. I cannot handle some of the stupid crafty stuff, but there are a lot of people on these shows who make positively beautiful art. Very inspiring.

Most of the crafting stuff is on during the week in the day, so I can’t see it. And, even though I’m loath to admit it, I love Carol Duval. She’s such a soothing gramma.

I go to sleep with HGTV on. When Lee Snijder is the lead on Design on a Dime it is a very hard to choice to make between him and The Daily Show. Luckily TDS repeats the next evening. :slight_smile: I LOVE LEE SNIJDER. He’s so cute with his freckles and he’s so soothing to listen to, plus he’s a good designer. His team is really good also and I like how they seemed to take care of Summer when she was pregnant. I’m not keen on the Kristan Cunningham episodes - although her designs are good, there seems to be a lot of tension between her and her team. I only like tension in my Home Improvement shows when it’s Clean Sweep or, my favorite, Clean House (style network).

I can’t stand Debbie Travis - her mannerisms, voice, attitude and most of all her designs annoy the heck out of me. I like Buy Me a lot because it’s interesting to see how many people can’t see beyond their own narrow view of what someone else might like or the real market value of their house.

But yeah, you’re definitely not alone.

My wife was on “Crafters Coast to Coast” once.

I don’t watch the network that much. I just did a search for her name at HGTV.com and it turned up as having aired on “That’s Clever” so it’s possible that they re-cut her segment for that show?

I know it was CCtC though because I’d never even heard of “That’s Clever” until I just searched.

She thought it would be good advertising, but all she got out of it was people asking her where she got her supplies.

I’ve watched the show where people look for a new home. That’s pretty entertaining.

I don’t much care for the network as a whole, but I am a hardcore Design on a Dime junkie. I especially like the Lee/Charles/Summer team; I want Charles to make an art piece for my place. Kristan/Dave/Spencer are kind of growing on me, but the new team they’ve had on recently just sucks.

I am a HGTV widower.

A football widow can only complain about one or two days a week for a couple of months. That damn channel is on 365 days a year.

It’s Curb Appeal and House Hunters for me.

Especially House Hunters, because it satisfies my curiosity about other people’s houses.

I’d like Curb Appeal even more if they’d take us inside the houses instead of restricting us to the front yard.

I like her best when she fucks up a project and disses it on the program. “Well, that certainly didn’t work out the way the book said” or “this is too tedious to show you right here”.

What sort of craft does she do?

She’s not really a crafter per se.

She’s a jeweler and she did a couple pieces for the show.

But, jewelery is her business, a little more than just a craft. She designs and manufactures her own lines, and sells her stuff retail and wholesale.

Some of the people on the show are like her (she knows some of them). Some of the people seem to be more traditional craft, not necessarily in business.

I love the “A” team of Lee, Charles and Summer. I saw Lee on an episode of Designers Challenge once. He was the designer selected out of the three and he designed a really nice master bedroom.

As for the “B” team, we refer to Kristen as “chirpy”.

The new ones? meh.

Got a link?

I read that the “Designer Challenge” episode is how he got tapped to be in “Design on a Dime”. I’ve only watched “Designer’s Challenge” to see the episode a freind of mine did. She (with a partner) designed the luxury spa bathrrom in San Francisco.

HGTV is my default channel if nothing is on. I like "Buy Me’ to see how not to sell your house, “House Hunters” to see different houses and to yell at people not to overextend themselves, and I really love “Mission Organization”. Much less drama than “Clean Sweep” or “Clean House” and it has a lot of interesting ideas.

Check your listed email.

I don’t like putting too much personal info out there (even though I’m not really secretive about it).

My wife watches HGTV all the time. I think it’s the only channel she ever watches.

But that’s ok with me. She doesn’t nag me about watching sports (basement TV and surround system) and I don’t bother her about watching HGTV (bedroom TV). That part is all good.

But she watches the show and starts getting ideas. These ideas cost money. And then I have to start looking at curtains and tablecloths and stuff. :frowning:

I love House Hunters (well all except for that STUPID theme music) and catch it every time I can. Other than that, it’s FoodTV for me. :slight_smile:

My SO is a HGTV junkie, so I watch it a lot by default. I find it very soothing to fall asleep to.

We joke about Candice Olson: I think she’s at least nine feet tall! The skits they do on her show are so silly that they slip into the sublime.

I like Debbie Travis because she’s so bitchy. When she does you house, she really doesn’t want any input.

I dislike Kristen on D on a D. As with previous poster, I find her nasally-chirpy voice to be extremely annoying.

There’s one show’s opening that creeps me out (I think it’s on HGTV). It’s a buy or sell show and opens with a creepy British guy standing on the roof of a house.