HGTV needs to be rebranded the HOHC

Holmes on Homes channel for those that didn’t get it.

I don’t know what happened but this show went from not being on hgtv at all to being on 3hrs a night now. It’s the Law and Order of HGTV.

As far as the show goes I like it for the most part but he goes overboard pimping “product” every episode. As far as mike holmes is concerned all problems with your house can be solved by throwing $1000s of dollars worth of "product"at it. If you were to spend the money required for every little product he recommends your costs for these types of projects wolf go up astronomically. I also don’t like the way he nitpicks some of the previous builders work to death as though he is perfect. I know some of these people have some fucked up issues with fucked up contractors but he really digs down to point fingers on some of them. I’d like someone to go through some of his rebuilds and let us know if there are issues with those, as I’m sure there are. Look hard enough and you’ll find something.

Anyway this show is on ALL the time. Used to be Househunters was the spam show but now it’s this.

He has a scary vibe about him, like one of these times he’s going to take that shovel and start swinging it at everyone around him.

HGTV is only Holmes on Homes when it isn’t House Hunters / House Hunters International, which my wife has been watching for the past 40 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a lot of respect for Mike Holmes and what he does, but his on-site safety leaves much to be desired.

Same thing happened on Discovery Home. Holmes on Homes was heavily aired.
HGTV is only airing the hour long shows. Seasons 1, 2, and over half of 3 were half hour episodes.

There’s really not that many episodes. HGTV will saturate the show before long and people will get tired of the reruns.

I saw all the episodes at least 4 times on Discovery Home.

Other than the Ditra stuff for tile, which he does mention a lot, what does he pimp or mention by name? Sure, he likes the blue-faced mildew-resistant drywall, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brand associated with it. Whenever there’s tile involved, you can bet on seeing a Daltile box, but that’s not pimping - that’s just a quiet nod to the company that’s providing materials for free or cheap.

Just by chance, I saw the episode where they came in to fix a botched bow window installation. The new window was provided by Jeld-Wen. Nobody said “Jeld-Wen windows are the best you can buy!” or “These Jeld-Wen windows are really easy to put in!” or anything like that. About all you saw was “Jeld-Wen” on the installer’s shirt and on the delivery truck.

They did give a fairly subtle thanks to Schneider Electric for the breaker panel. If someone gave me about $1,000 worth of commercial-grade gear for a home installation, I’d be sure to thank them.

And how is it any worse than This Old House where they not only bray on about this or that item, but send us on a factory tour?

There’s a room in my house that is in desperate need of renovation. I tune into HGTV for help and ideas and learn that fixing up that room is as easy as hiring a contractor to do all the work! All I need is unlimited income and a phone book. Thanks, HGTV!

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a disclaimer that guards and safety equipment had been removed or modified for TV production. Or maybe I’m thinking of a different show. When ever they’re on a roof they always have safety lines and harnesses. They wear dust masks a lot during the demo parts too.

What have I missed?

Eventually Holmes on Homes and CSI will fight it out to be the only show on TV. There can be only one!

You’re forgetting that factory tours are AWESOME!!! :smiley:

I’ve only watched a season or so, but the major instances where I can remember him heavily endorsing a product are when he has to rip out and trash a product that’s really great, but was installed incorrectly.

I also think that it’s really good that Holmes constantly tells people to get permits for whatever work they’re doing; if not for that advice, I wouldn’t have thought to enquire with my town about a fence permit. (Yes, they require one. Though it’s probably just a cash-generator for the town, at least I have the proper paperwork to show if my neighbor gets too cranky about the fence I had installed.)

Yeah, that accounts for part of it, but there’s still any number of times when there are workers working without gloves, eye protection, breathing protection, etc. The last show we saw with them in safety lines and harnesses on the roof had them wearing the harnesses wrong. Also, the use of safety equipment in residential construction is so bad, Mike should be totally on board with setting the best example possible for construction safety - there are still thousands of people dying on job sites every year. “Make It Right” should include every worker going home alive and uninjured every day.

I’ll have to send my husband, the construction safety officer, in here. :slight_smile:

Having watched his group try to work their way around local rules and regs playing the Municipal District against the Town with their ongoing smoke show for a proposed development in Alberta I have zero respect for the man.

If you want do-it-yourself help, that’s what DIY Network is for.

I was gonna say - the ~2 hours a day my girlfriend has it on HGTV while we’re cleaning or making dinner or whatever else, it’s always House Hunters or similar (HHI, Property Virgins, My First Place, For Rent, etc etc etc etc etc).

I can’t wait until HGTV burns out on him. His self-righteous asshole persona bugs the hell out of me.

I agree. Dude’s the Nancy Grace of home improvement-

Yes, Mike can be a little intense sometimes, but as a recent homebuyer his show is the only one on HGTV that I actually found useful. The show is also one of the few on there that deviates from the “searching for, finding and spending obscene amounts of money on your perfect house” narrative, and actually gives a realistic view of what can happen if you don’t exercise caution in the homebuying process.

Yep, Mike can get a little preachy… but I still like the idea of his show.
I am so surprised that they haven’t come up with an American knockoff though. I would enjoy that so much more.

Heh! I had the same thought.

HGTV is crap these days. It’s hard to catch a good show there anymore. Thank Og for Law and Order.

A lot of the HGTV lineup is Canadian. In addition to Holmes, there’s Property Virgins (though they’ve been shooting a lot of episodes in the US now) Income Property and the show where a brunette with an English accent helps people re-stage and re-price their houses when they’ve been sitting on the market for too long.