Who else has read Kafka on the Shore? (Spoilers aplenty!)

It’s my first Murakami. I’ve been recommended Norweigian Wood as well, which I’m planning to purchase tomorrow.

Kafka on the Shore is a very user-friendly book, to say the least. I expected more pretension from an export author, but for all the weirdness and pseudoincestual bits I found it very wholesome, very charming. Some of the the references, especially to older literature, were given too much expository treatment, but I guess Murakami was just being considerate to his Japanese readers. I’m still trying to finalize my theories about the Nakata/Kafka relationship and the Snake, and might take a second trip through the book to confirm them. Meanwhile, feel free to post any of your theories.

(Anyone else think that the Orpheus allusion near the end was incredibly pretty?)